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Like some other pumps, piston pumps are oil-free, and they create a vacuum by pushing a piston up and down in a cavity with a one-way valve. The one-way valve in the pump pulls down and draws air into the pump body. The piston then expels the air by pushing up into the cavity and opening another one-way valve.


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A vacuum pump is a device capable of creating a partial or low-pressure vacuum by pushing gas or air molecules out of a sealed chamber. Vacuum is the relative state where the chamber pressure is lower than the ambient atmosphere or adjacent systems. This is different from an absolute vacuum with a pressure of 0 Pa and no gas molecules.

Piston Vacuum Pump Working Principle

Piston vacuum pumps work by compressing and releasing gas. The gas is drawn into the pump chamber through the suction port and is compressed as it moves axially. The gas is then exhausted through the exhaust valve. The pump is driven by an electric motor. There are two main types of piston vacuum pumps.
A piston pump has two parts: the swash plate and the piston. The swash plate is connected to the piston. The swashplate is attached to the axis of rotation at a specified angle. Angle affects discharge and pump stroke. If the swash plate is adjusted, the flow of the pump will change.
Piston pumps work by creating pressure in a chamber containing a working fluid. This is done by rotating the cylinder block. The piston moves up and down and then compresses the gas in the cylinder. Then the exhaust valve opens and the gas is expelled. Finally, the piston moves from the left end of the cylinder to the right end of the cylinder, and the gas is expelled from the other end of the cylinder.

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A vacuum pump is a device capable of creating a partial vacuum or low pressure space by pulling gas molecules out of a sealed chamber.
Vacuum is the relative state where the chamber pressure is lower than the ambient atmosphere or adjacent systems.
Vacuum range or state is a classification of vacuum quality, characterized by a measure of the absolute pressure of the system.
The two main categories of vacuum pump principles are gas transfer and entrapment. Gas transfer is further divided into positive displacement transfer and momentum transfer.
Vacuum pumps can also be classified according to the type of lubrication and sealing system. Vacuum pumps can be lubricated wet or dry.

Where is Piston Pump Used

Piston vacuum pumps have been widely used in various industrial sectors, such as vacuum distillation, evaporation, crystallization, drying, and filtration in the chemical or food industry, degassing in the vacuum metallurgical industry, and infiltration in the electrical industry.
It is not suitable for pumping gas that contains too much oxygen, is explosive, is corrosive to metals, chemically reacts with pump oil and particulate dust, nor is it suitable for transfer pumps that transport gas from one container to another. Therefore, the choice of chemical and pharmaceutical industries should be cautious.

Physical applications

Vacuum oven


Gas sampling


How Does a Piston Vacuum Pump Work?

Piston vacuum pumps work by compressing air into a cylinder. The piston moves down and up, creating pressure in the cylinder and exhaust port. The pump has an intake valve and an exhaust valve that opens and closes depending on the amount of air flowing in or out.
Reciprocating piston vacuum pumps are lined with a thin layer of lubricating oil in the vacuum chamber, which improves the vacuum seal. Unfortunately, the lubricating oil can also get trapped in the process steam, which means the pump can vent contaminated process gas.
The pump is driven by an electric motor, which turns the crankshaft. The piston then transmits its stroke to the piston type vacuum pump diaphragm through the working fluid. During the suction stroke, the piston lifts the inlet check ball to draw mud into the diaphragm housing. On the other hand, during the pressure stroke, the piston stretches the diaphragm. Slurry sucked into the diaphragm casing is sucked into the pressure tube.
Piston type vacuum pumps can be rotary or reciprocating. Rotary piston pumps generate relatively high vacuums and can be used for many processes. 

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