20m3 H Sanitary Stainless Steel Self Suck Water Pump

20m3 H Sanitary Stainless Steel Self Suck Water Pump

CZPT steel self priming pump

CIP self-priming pump adopts acid-resisting stainless metal (AISI 316)in value human body ,which has distinctive acid and alkali resistance , and comply with sanitary requirements for food items.
As a good displacement pump, its features are outstanding to centrifugal pump considering that it suction liquid blended with air or foams and even simply air. It is commonly utilized to suction materials with liquid amount under the pump, for instance in the milking room, it suctions milk from the milk barrel. It can also be employed in automated CIP cleansing system as return flow pump in cleaning tank. The mechanical sealing is the create in inflow variety ,and the temperature of suctioned materials is no higher than one hundred.

with straightforward composition, simple dismount, adjustable foot height, vibration-proof device, lower noises, large effectiveness, long-expression standard operation, straightforward maintenance, gentle and tender therapy, of materials this sanitary centrifugal pump series is your excellent option. It complies with food sanitary CZPT and assures CZPT flavor of your items.

We are specialized in making distinct types of valves, pipe fitting, tubes, manhole handles, pumps, etc for several several years. We can layout the products according to your specific ask for. OEM is welcome way too.

Information Sheet of CZPT Centrifugal Pump  Info sheet of sanitary self priming pump

                                              Function  (  Parameter  )
                                              Design 20 T/24 M 30 T/24 M 40 T/36 M
Q                                                 Circulation twenty T thirty T forty T
                                   Total  Head 24 m 24 m 36 m
                         Suction  Stroke 5-6 m 5-6 m five-six m
          Impeller  Diameter 192 mm  192 mm 215 mm
                     Inlet/Outlet Diameter   sixty three.5/63.5 mm 76.five/63.5 mm seventy six/76 mm
                         Motor Sort M2QA132S4A M2QA132M4A M2QA160SM4A
                                         Power five.5kw(380V/50HZ ) 7.5kw(380V/50HZ ) 11kw(380V/50HZ )
                                     Velocity 1420 r/min 1420 r/min 1420 r/min
                      Dimensions(L*W*H) 760*320*475 760*320*475 1006*360*600
                               CZPT  Excess weight 110 kg 116kg 168kg


20m3 H Sanitary Stainless Steel Self Suck Water Pump