Automatic Recovery Dust Free Vacuum Mobile Sand Blasting Sandblaster Machine for Sale

Automatic Recovery Dust Free Vacuum Mobile Sand Blasting Sandblaster Machine for Sale

CZPT recovery dust totally free vacuum mobile sand blasting sandblaster machine for sale

Product Description

Mobile automatic recovery sand blasting machine features an integrated blast pot, media vacuum restoration program, and dust assortment all in a one compact unit(consists of suction blast device with remote manage, blast hose, blast head assembly, reclaimer & separator and pneumaticlly created abrasive restoration technique, dust collector and cart). it is broadly employed for descaling, floor texturing, and paint preparing, largely utilized to clean rust getting rid of at oil discipline, container renew, etc, and pneumaticlly produced abrasive recovery program helps make it to be used without dust and disposal issue.

Blast and restoration techniques can be employed to at the same time blast and recuperate (closed circuit blasting) or can be utilised for open up air blast and then subsequent abrasive cleanse-up.

Simultaneous blast and recovery gets rid of dust clouds, bad visibility and costly thoroughly clean-up. The capability of unbiased blast and restoration makes the BRS a successful and functional tool suitable to many different apps.

Vacuum Blasting is perfect for big objects such as ship hulls, large tanks and concrete bridge surfaces.


• Blasts absent rust, dirt and paint speedily

• Attributes a vacuum restoration method at the blast nozzle to remove mess

• Media is recycled for steady use

• Dust is captured in container for ease of disposal

• Wheels and casters offer simplicity in mobility

Features :

one. Transportable method utilized for guide and asbestos abatement, indoor blasting, bridge and highway routine maintenance, building restoration and other steel and concrete cleansing apps

two. Flexible method can blast and get well concurrently or independently

three. Obtainable in two., 3.5 and 6.five cu. ft. methods with pneumatic or electric remote controls

four. Cyclone has large, swift-opening access doorway and two-portion monitor with removable center for straightforward obtain

5. Optional, adjustable, air wash cyclone increases abrasive cleaning

6. CZPT pulse jet prevents clogging of dust filters

seven. Quick opening hatches make cartridges and filters effortless to get rid of and change

8. Urethane eductor pump is offered with 225, 350, 440, or 550 cfm nozzle

nine. Dampness separator and media vibrator ensure even stream of abrasive

CZPT Parameter

 CZPT specs AT250-LXI AT250-LXII
Running stress .3 ~ .7 MPa .3 ~ .7 MPa
Air intake two – 3 m3/min three – four m3/min
Energy use Compressed air and electric power Compressed air only
Vacuum sixteen.7KPa
Vacuum pump 160m3/h, 2.2kw
CZPT storage hopper 80 liters Approx sixty liters Approx
Operting hose duration five meter max 5 meter max
Blast cleansing Sa2.five-Sa3. Sa2.5-Sa3.
Procedure capacity two-3m2/h two-3m2/h
Blast cycle Steady Steady
Recommend media metal shot, sand

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Automatic Recovery Dust Free Vacuum Mobile Sand Blasting Sandblaster Machine for Sale