Best Selling Paper Egg Tray Making Machine

Best Selling Paper Egg Tray Making Machine

Best promoting paper egg tray creating equipment

Egg tray machine now is extensively used in pulp molding items manufacturing, the uncooked material is waste paper like Newspaper, Carton, Paper box, Textbooks, Corrugated paper and so forth. 
The raw substance goes into the pulping system, mixing with water, become the paper pulp.
And then the paper pulp will be despatched into the egg tray forming equipment by a pump, the egg tray forming equipment will generate the
egg trays using vacuum forming theory.

The egg tray that coming out from the forming equipment is moist, so the forming system wants to be equipped with the drying technique.
If the output of egg tray is significantly less than one thousand pieces for each hour, and the weather is excellent enough, we advocate the guide procedure kind forming device and sunshine drying manner, this can lessen the cost of equipment expenditure. If the weather conditions is not enough to dry the egg trays effortlessly, or the output of the machine is far more than one thousand pcs/h, we advise the automatic drying method,

This egg tray drying system utilizing diverse gasoline to dry the egg trays automatically, as for the gas options, there is like CZPT fuel/LNG/LPG, diesel, heavy oil, wood, coal, electrical.
Soon after drying, the egg trays can be piled up by automatic stacker, and then the personnel can deal the egg trays by plastic baggage.

2 .Creation Line which includes:

one.)Pumping program
To smash the water paper to pulp .
Hydrapulper ,Pulp pump ,Air compressor,agitator,Self priming pump,pulping equipment.

2.)Molding System
Produce the paper mold concluded goods
Entire automated egg tray forming machine, Vacuum pump , High pressure washer , Damaging stress tank , mould, Transfer mould, baler .

three.)Drying technique
Multi Layer Steel Drying
High effective, Goes into generation fastly, limited put in time , Much less plant spot necessary
listed here are two kinds of drying system. One is steel, the other is brick. The conveyor plate can be 1 layer and multi-layer, immediate combustion scorching air circulation. Making use of the imported or joint undertaking brand name burner (domestic uses the stove bar), equipped with an automated manage cabin

4.)Auto packaging system

1.What kinds of devices do you create?
(1)pulp moulding equipment,egg tray devices,egg packing devices,egg box/carton
devices,fruit tray devices,industrial devices, seeding tray machines .and the
complete creation line etc.
(two)all varieties of moulds ,such as egg tray moulds,egg box/carton moulds, fruit tray
moulds,seeding tray moulds,industrial moulds and so on.
(3)drying line

2.What capability for each hour do you offer ?
Our machines’ potential is from 1000pcs/hr to 6000pcs/hr.

three.Do your goods occur with a warranty ?
Of course , we have a single year warranty according the worldwide apply.

four.How to put in?
The vendor dispatches engineers to buyer’s factory. Purchaser need to support set up.
Seller is liable for set up, tests and coaching for 30 times, the purchaser should
insure the safety of the engineers.

Best Selling Paper Egg Tray Making Machine