China Manufacturer 12V Industrial Variable Displacement Hydraulic Water Pump

China Manufacturer 12V Industrial Variable Displacement Hydraulic Water Pump

Technical specs

NO. Merchandise Specs
one Dimension and excess weight 103.5mmx107mmx64mm480g
2 Exterior diameter of outlet 20mm
3 Exterior diameter of inlet 20mm
four Driving system Brushless, magnetic separation
5 Substance of pump shell Abs,PES/SPS/PPS/PA66+30%GF (Optional)
six Issue of use Can continuously function, submersible or land use (not self-priming)
seven Ideal medium H2o, oil, or regular acid/ alkaline liquids
(Pre-test necessary for particular liquid)
eight Max doing work temperature 60ºC(for T sub-sequence) or 100ºC(for S/A sub-series)
nine Energy use 2.5W~forty five.6W(for T sub-collection) or 2.5W~86.4W(for S/A sub-sequence)
ten Rated voltage 12Vdc or 24Vdc
eleven Working voltage variety 5Vdc ~ 12Vdc or 5Vdc ~ 24Vdc
twelve Max load recent two.1A (for T sub-series) or 3.8A(for S/A sub-series)
13 Max horizontal movement rate 36L/MIN(for T sub-series) or 41L/MIN(for S/A sub-collection)
fourteen Max static raise 4M(for T sub-series) or six.5M(for S/A sub-collection)                                 
15 Sounds course IP68(ideal for submersible installation)
sixteen Watertight course Can be a lot more than thirty,000hrs
seventeen Lifestyle span Can be ideal photo voltaic panel, batteries, source adapter or other power module
18 Energy supply Water safety, dry-run safety, stall security, stuck security
(capabilities are optional for customization)
19 CZPT function Pace adjustable by PWM sign, ~5V analog signal or potentiometer (functions are optional for customization)
20 Power regulation perform IP68(suited for submersible installation)



  • Tiny measurement, higher efficiency, maintenance-totally free, lower consumption, strong anti-jamming capability, stable functionality
  • Brushless with no air pollution, adopts large-efficiency ceramics shaft and large-precision carbon fiber sleeve together (stainless metal shaft optional for lowering expense)prolonged existence span
  • Stator and handle circuits are fully sealed by epoxy resin completely divided with rotor, watertight, prevented water-leakage issue which extended exists in regular DC motor pump merchandise
  • CZPT functions CZPT this kind of as lock protection, dry-operate defense and so on.
  • Vast assortment of operating voltage parameters can be adjustable, e.g. 12VDC pump can have carry of 1m and elevate of 3m with the same pump human body.
  • For A/S sub-sequence,gentle-begin without effect,can be immediately driven by solar panel circuit components and motor areas totally divided, no digital parts inside pump human body pump human body is made of substantial-temperature-resistant material, so pump can continuously operate at fluid with large temperature (as large as 100C) have a number of protection features, such as impeller&rotor lock security, polarity reverse-connected defense, in excess of-load defense, in excess of-current defense, and so forth.
  • For A sub-collection, it’s easy to control the energy/velocity of pump by way of PWM signal/ ~5V analog sign/ potentiometer stream charge & raise can be easily modified
  • Lowered the mortality to .05% soon after lengthy-time study by R&D dep.
  • Raise of pumps can be doubled when they are related in sequence
  • Suitable for submersible set up or land use (ought to be situated underneath fluid level)
  • Offer you ODM serve for pump and other controller method

CZPTence in between 2phase & 3phase brushless DC pump

CZPTtrical parameters (only for reference,parameters CZPT for specific requirements)

Design No. Voltage Max load existing Max static raise Max stream price Energy use
V(dc) A L/H w
DC50D-1220T 12 one.fifty seven two.00 1300 18.eight
DC50D-1230S twelve three. three.00 1700 36.
DC50D-1240S twelve 3.eight four.00 2150 forty five.six
DC50D-2430T 24 1.five 3.00 1700 36.
DC50D-2440T 24 one.9 4.00 2150 forty five.six
DC50D-2450S 24 2.9 5.00 2300 69.6
DC50D-2465S 24 3.6 six.50 2450 86.four
  • Data like constant doing work time, operating temperature and medium is essential to be pre-confirmed with experts pump cannot work with higher temperature or corrosive fluids.
  • When pump is related into circulation technique, load present will be diminished to 70~eighty five% of Max working present (opening outlet current).
  • The head signifies the Max vertical lifting peak of h2o. The circulation is 0L/MIN@max head.
  • The max movement fee signifies circulation charge with no lifting top(in accordance to the curve bellow)

CZPTence between 2phase & 3phase brushless DC pump

(T sub-collection)
  • Corridor sensor driving, circuit board must be positioned inside of pump entire body
(S/A sub-collection)
  • Note that 3phase dc is completely different with 3phase AC 3phase DC indicates 3 pairs of magnetic polarity & sensor-much less, power supply  the very same with frequent DC pump(two wires: optimistic and damaging)
  • CZPT plan-driving, sensor-much less, circuit can be put outside of pump entire body (main aspect that pump can be substantial-temperature resistant)
  • Pace adjustable by PWM, ~5V sign or potentiometer(optional)
  • Lock protection,reverse-linked safety, over-vol.&above-current security, in excess of-temperature safety
  • Soft commence, no existing effect, can be speak to immediately with solar panel

Diagram of 3phase brushless DC pump connection

Dimensions of pump

manufacturing examination

Exploded diagram of the product 


China Manufacturer 12V Industrial Variable Displacement Hydraulic Water Pump