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Product Description




Product Description


Product Brief

Whirlpool fan (whirlpool air pump) is a new type of air source generation equipment , the selection of high strength and high quality aluminum alloy material as the main material , with compact structure , small volume and light weight characteristics , whirlpoo pump suing motor sirect connection , do not need any variable speed mechanism . Because of its simple structure , direct transmission form , but also has low noise ,energy consumption , stable performance , convenient maintenance and other advantage , and sent out of the air source no water , no oil , low temperature rise , which is incomparable to other air source generation equipment .

Whirlpool fan (whirlpool pump) can be widely used for conveying materials and air . It can also be used for printing press adsorption , welding exhaust gas absorption , sild suction of loom , photoplate making , powder transportation , printing adsorption , industrial dust suction , vacuum dehydration , smoke blowing , car washing and drying , forced drying of printing machine , after washing and drying , gas and heavy oil injection and drying , blowin ,drying , shaping , etc .


1. Pump cover 2. Impeller 3. Pupm body 4. Bearing
5. Bearing seta 6. Bottom plate 7. Oil seal 8. Gasket
9. Silencer network 10. Muffler sponge 11.  Silencer tube 12. Jiont(flange)
13. Rotor 14. Motor 15. Junction box 16. Motor barrel
17. Motor end cover 18. Motor wind page 19. Motor rear cover 20. Support pipe

   Model NO XGB    Vortex Aluminum
   Type Whirlpool fan    Impeller Aluminum alloyy
   Motor IP44/IP55    Flow direction Blow and  Suck
   Voltage 220V/380V , 380V    Pressure High pressure
   Frequency 50 Certification CE , CCC
   Speed 2800 r/min    ransport Package Wooden Case
   Flow 56-1150 m3/h    OEM Welcome
   Total head 12000-85000Pa    Trademark MOTAI
   Noise 60-80 ≤dB    origin China
shape Turbine shape    HS Code 8414100090


Main parameter


Main parameter


Voltage Frequncy Speed Total Head Flow Noise Vacuum Outline size Φo
v Hz r/min Pa m3/h ≤dB Pa J K L
XGB-250W 220/380 50 2800 12000 56 60 -8500 260 246 247 1.2”
XGB-370W 220/380 50 2800 16000 80 62 -11000 260 246 247 1.2”
XGB-550W 220/380 50 2800 20000 110 63 -16000 277 268 272 1.2”
XGB-750W 220/380 50 2800 22000 150 63 -20000 300 286 302 1.5”
XGB-1.1KW 220/380 50 2800 25000 220 65 -22000 325 335 340 2”
XGB-1.5KW 220/380 50 2800 27000 240 65 -24000 325 335 340 2”
XGB-2.2KW 220/380 50 2800 36000 325 68 -33000 377 382 385 2”
XGB-3KW 380 50 2800 38000 390 70 -35000 402 408 410 2”
XGB-4KW 380 50 2800 45000 480 72 -41000 435 418 470 2.5”
XGB-5.5KW 380 50 2800 50000 530 75 -48000 475 446 480 2.5”
XGB-7.5KW 380 50 2800 56000 550 76 -51000 475 446 480 2.5”
XGB-11KW 380 50 2800 80000 1100 80 -56000 660 550 570 4”
XGB-15KW 380 50 2800 85000 1150 80 -58000 660 550 570 4”


product details

Surface phosphating electrostatic spray painting , uniform color , not easy to drop paint , good heat dissipation . 


Aviation aluminum impeller , professional lathe , good heat dissipation performance .


1.Tight connection , compact appearance , high quality , long service life .
2.Large recessed coil , all copper cold rolled steel , strong power .
3.Dust filter to effectively filter impurities and keep the fan clean .
4.Uniform color does not drop paint , good seat dissipation performance electrstatic spraying ,                   phosphating treatment .

Production Picture

Production Picture


Our company has a complete production management system to ensure the quality and quantity of each product delivered to customers on time .


Application and example

Application and example



Our Advantages


Perfect sales system

1.Pre-sales service: 
•We are a sales team, with all technical support from engineer team.
•We value every inquiry sent to us, ensure quick competitive offer within 24 hours.
•We cooperate with customer to design and develop the new products. Provide all necessary document.

2.After-sales service:
•We respect your feed back after receive the motors.
•We provide 1years warranty after receipt of motors..
•We promise all spare parts available in lifetime use.
•We loge your complain within 24 hours.


Company Profile


Company Profile


HangZhou CHINAMFG ELECTRIC MACHINE CO ., LTD . is located in coastal city —-HangZhou ZHangZhoug .We are a professional manufacturer of Electric Motor , Blower Fan , Water Pump and relevant Spare Parts .

With oun R and D center , our company has rich technology power , advanced developing measures , highly effective production facilities , overall test conditions and complete modern management system . In the meantime , we have thoroughly carries out IEC standard with our own ISO production management system and we get CE , CQC , CCC quality Ceritificate .

Electric motors we provide IEC standard IE1( Y,Y2,YS series ) , IE2 high dfficiency ,IE3 Premium High Efficiency and Gost-Standard ANP series , as well as the derived electric motors , such as CHINAMFG , YEJ , YVF2 , YB3 ,YD series , etc . Single phase motors YC series , YL series , YY series snd JY series . Blower Fan we produce in our factory includes 3 phase and single phase HF plastic air blower fan , DF series , CF series , YN5-47 series , 4-72 series , 9-19 series , 5-34/27/32 series centrifugal air blowers . We are also specialized in the production of water pump , such as Peripheral pump QB60 series , IDB series , PKM sreies , Self-priming pump JET series , JSW series , AuJET series , Centrifugal Pump CPM series , HF-6 series , PX series , ISG/IRG/ISW series , CDL series , GDL series , Submersible pumps Q(D)X series , WQ(D) series , deep well pumps QJ/QJD/QGD , etc .

In the aspect of enterprise spirit , our company has advocated management philosophy “Realistic , concrete , effective , innovative “,and always insisted on the principle ” People are the basis , Quality is the key to win “. Believing in “First-class enterprise image , design idea and product quality “, our company will pursue greater development for a more brillian future with our customers . Also , we are willing to strengthen cooperation and interchange with all customers and be always the creator of every customer .




Q:  What’re your main rplducts ?
A:  We currently produce Electric Motor , Blower Fan , Water pump and relevant Spare Parts . You can         check the specifications for above motors on our website and you can email us to recommend need       motors per your specification too .

Q:  How to select a suitable product ?
A:  If you have product pictures or drawings to show us , or your have detailed specs like model , power       , voltage , speed , torque , product size , working mode of the product , needed lifetime and noise           level etc , please do not hesitate to let us know , then we can recommend suitable product per your         request accordingly .

Q: Do you have a customized service for your standars products ?
A:  Yes , we would like to design products individually for uor customers , but if may need some mold           developing cost and design charge . 
Q:  What’s your lead time ?
A:  Generally speaking , our regular standard product will need 15-30 days , a bit longer for customized       . But we are very flexible on the lead time , it will depend on the spedific orders .





Material: Aluminum
Usage: for Experiment, for Air Conditioner, for Manufacture, for Refrigerate
Flow Direction: vortex pump
US$ 55/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


Order Sample



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Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

about shipping cost and estimated delivery time.
Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

vacuum pump

What Is the Impact of Altitude on Vacuum Pump Performance?

The performance of vacuum pumps can be influenced by the altitude at which they are operated. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Altitude refers to the elevation or height above sea level. As the altitude increases, the atmospheric pressure decreases. This decrease in atmospheric pressure can have several effects on the performance of vacuum pumps:

1. Reduced Suction Capacity: Vacuum pumps rely on the pressure differential between the suction side and the discharge side to create a vacuum. At higher altitudes, where the atmospheric pressure is lower, the pressure differential available for the pump to work against is reduced. This can result in a decrease in the suction capacity of the vacuum pump, meaning it may not be able to achieve the same level of vacuum as it would at lower altitudes.

2. Lower Ultimate Vacuum Level: The ultimate vacuum level, which represents the lowest pressure that a vacuum pump can achieve, is also affected by altitude. As the atmospheric pressure decreases with increasing altitude, the ultimate vacuum level that can be attained by a vacuum pump is limited. The pump may struggle to reach the same level of vacuum as it would at sea level or lower altitudes.

3. Pumping Speed: Pumping speed is a measure of how quickly a vacuum pump can remove gases from a system. At higher altitudes, the reduced atmospheric pressure can lead to a decrease in pumping speed. This means that the vacuum pump may take longer to evacuate a chamber or system to the desired vacuum level.

4. Increased Power Consumption: To compensate for the decreased pressure differential and achieve the desired vacuum level, a vacuum pump operating at higher altitudes may require higher power consumption. The pump needs to work harder to overcome the lower atmospheric pressure and maintain the necessary suction capacity. This increased power consumption can impact energy efficiency and operating costs.

5. Efficiency and Performance Variations: Different types of vacuum pumps may exhibit varying degrees of sensitivity to altitude. Oil-sealed rotary vane pumps, for example, may experience more significant performance variations compared to dry pumps or other pump technologies. The design and operating principles of the vacuum pump can influence its ability to maintain performance at higher altitudes.

It’s important to note that vacuum pump manufacturers typically provide specifications and performance curves for their pumps based on standardized conditions, often at or near sea level. When operating a vacuum pump at higher altitudes, it is advisable to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines and consider any altitude-related limitations or adjustments that may be necessary.

In summary, the altitude at which a vacuum pump operates can have an impact on its performance. The reduced atmospheric pressure at higher altitudes can result in decreased suction capacity, lower ultimate vacuum levels, reduced pumping speed, and potentially increased power consumption. Understanding these effects is crucial for selecting and operating vacuum pumps effectively in different altitude environments.

vacuum pump

How Do Vacuum Pumps Assist in Freeze-Drying Processes?

Freeze-drying, also known as lyophilization, is a dehydration technique used in various industries, including pharmaceutical manufacturing. Vacuum pumps play a crucial role in facilitating freeze-drying processes. Here’s a detailed explanation:

During freeze-drying, vacuum pumps assist in the removal of water or solvents from pharmaceutical products while preserving their structure and integrity. The freeze-drying process involves three main stages: freezing, primary drying (sublimation), and secondary drying (desorption).

1. Freezing: In the first stage, the pharmaceutical product is frozen to a solid state. Freezing is typically achieved by lowering the temperature of the product below its freezing point. The frozen product is then placed in a vacuum chamber.

2. Primary Drying (Sublimation): Once the product is frozen, the vacuum pump creates a low-pressure environment within the chamber. By reducing the pressure, the boiling point of water or solvents present in the frozen product is lowered, allowing them to transition directly from the solid phase to the vapor phase through a process called sublimation. Sublimation bypasses the liquid phase, preventing potential damage to the product’s structure.

The vacuum pump maintains a low-pressure environment by continuously removing the water vapor or solvent vapor generated during sublimation. The vapor is drawn out of the chamber, leaving behind the freeze-dried product. This process preserves the product’s original form, texture, and biological activity.

3. Secondary Drying (Desorption): After the majority of the water or solvents have been removed through sublimation, the freeze-dried product may still contain residual moisture or solvents. In the secondary drying stage, the vacuum pump continues to apply vacuum to the chamber, but at a higher temperature. The purpose of this stage is to remove the remaining moisture or solvents through evaporation.

The vacuum pump maintains the low-pressure environment, allowing the residual moisture or solvents to evaporate at a lower temperature than under atmospheric pressure. This prevents potential thermal degradation of the product. Secondary drying further enhances the stability and shelf life of the freeze-dried pharmaceutical product.

By creating and maintaining a low-pressure environment, vacuum pumps enable efficient and controlled sublimation and desorption during the freeze-drying process. They facilitate the removal of water or solvents while minimizing the potential damage to the product’s structure and preserving its quality. Vacuum pumps also contribute to the overall speed and efficiency of the freeze-drying process by continuously removing the vapor generated during sublimation and evaporation. The precise control provided by vacuum pumps ensures the production of stable and high-quality freeze-dried pharmaceutical products.

vacuum pump

What Are the Primary Applications of Vacuum Pumps?

Vacuum pumps have a wide range of applications across various industries. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Industrial Processes:

Vacuum pumps play a vital role in numerous industrial processes, including:

– Vacuum Distillation: Vacuum pumps are used in distillation processes to lower the boiling points of substances, enabling separation and purification of various chemicals and compounds.

– Vacuum Drying: Vacuum pumps aid in drying processes by creating a low-pressure environment, which accelerates moisture removal from materials without excessive heat.

– Vacuum Packaging: Vacuum pumps are used in the food industry to remove air from packaging containers, prolonging the shelf life of perishable goods by reducing oxygen exposure.

– Vacuum Filtration: Filtration processes can benefit from vacuum pumps to enhance filtration rates by applying suction, facilitating faster separation of solids and liquids.

2. Laboratory and Research:

Vacuum pumps are extensively used in laboratories and research facilities for various applications:

– Vacuum Chambers: Vacuum pumps create controlled low-pressure environments within chambers for conducting experiments, testing materials, or simulating specific conditions.

– Mass Spectrometry: Mass spectrometers often utilize vacuum pumps to create the necessary vacuum conditions for ionization and analysis of samples.

– Freeze Drying: Vacuum pumps enable freeze-drying processes, where samples are frozen and then subjected to a vacuum, allowing the frozen water to sublimate directly from solid to vapor state.

– Electron Microscopy: Vacuum pumps are essential for electron microscopy techniques, providing the necessary vacuum environment for high-resolution imaging of samples.

3. Semiconductor and Electronics Industries:

High vacuum pumps are critical in the semiconductor and electronics industries for manufacturing and testing processes:

– Semiconductor Fabrication: Vacuum pumps are used in various stages of chip manufacturing, including deposition, etching, and ion implantation processes.

– Thin Film Deposition: Vacuum pumps create the required vacuum conditions for depositing thin films of materials onto substrates, as done in the production of solar panels, optical coatings, and electronic components.

– Leak Detection: Vacuum pumps are utilized in leak testing applications to detect and locate leaks in electronic components, systems, or pipelines.

4. Medical and Healthcare:

Vacuum pumps have several applications in the medical and healthcare sectors:

– Vacuum Assisted Wound Closure: Vacuum pumps are used in negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT), where they create a controlled vacuum environment to promote wound healing and removal of excess fluids.

– Laboratory Equipment: Vacuum pumps are essential in medical and scientific equipment such as vacuum ovens, freeze dryers, and centrifugal concentrators.

– Anesthesia and Medical Suction: Vacuum pumps are utilized in anesthesia machines and medical suction devices to create suction and remove fluids or gases from the patient’s body.

5. HVAC and Refrigeration:

Vacuum pumps are employed in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) and refrigeration industries:

– Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems: Vacuum pumps are used during system installation, maintenance, and repair to evacuate moisture and air from refrigeration and air conditioning systems, ensuring efficient operation.

– Vacuum Insulation Panels: Vacuum pumps are utilized in the manufacturing of vacuum insulation panels, which offer superior insulation properties for buildings and appliances.

6. Power Generation:

Vacuum pumps play a role in power generation applications:

– Steam Condenser Systems: Vacuum pumps are used in power plants to remove non-condensable gases from steam condenser systems, improving thermal efficiency.

– Gas Capture: Vacuum pumps are utilized to capture and remove gases, such as hydrogen or helium, in nuclear power plants, research reactors, or particle accelerators.

These are just a few examples of the primary applications of vacuum pumps. The versatility and wide range of vacuum pump types make them essential in numerous industries, contributing to various manufacturing processes, research endeavors, and technological advancements.

China manufacturer XGB-250W High Air Vacuum Pump Low Pressure Gas Suction Booster Pump   supplier China manufacturer XGB-250W High Air Vacuum Pump Low Pressure Gas Suction Booster Pump   supplier
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