Customized Full Automatic Baking Sweet Potato Roasting Machine

Customized Full Automatic Baking Sweet Potato Roasting Machine

Product Description

Roasted sweet potatoes:   3 m bubble cleaner 5 m up and down spray cleaner 4 m air dryer22 m solitary Roasting oven

Bubble Cleaning CZPT
1) the basic principle of products:
The whole device is produced of 304 stainless steel. Below the problem of working, the drinking water is effervescent by means of the air pump at the base. It can be cleaned effectively by manual cleaning. It can not damage the pores and skin. At the same time, the equipment has a spray gadget and the upper element of the outlet has a variety of high force spray heads, which can be transported out. The content is cleaned as soon as again, so that the cleansing is carried out, so as to boost cleanliness, decrease labor expense, decrease labor intensity and stabilize performance. The machine has high automation and can be utilised in creation line. It is primarily applied to vegetables, fruits, herbs, seafood and so on.
2) principal parameters:
Size: 3000*1200*1250mm
Materials: SUS304 stainless metal
Energy: 3.75kw
Pace of procedure: no pole pace regulation
Power: 380v/50HZ

Large pressure spray cleansing equipment

Theory of gear:
Higher force spray cleaning equipment is typically utilised for cleansing fruits and veggies, and has vast applicability. The upper and lower two levels of large pressure spray head are dense spray, and the materials can be cleaned effectively. At the exact same time, the large effectiveness filter net is mounted on the water tank, and the impurities in the tank can be eliminated in time. The water in the storage tank can be recycled for several moments, and has the operate of preserving h2o.
The device is mostly utilised for prolonged strip cleaning and disorderly fruit and vegetable, this kind of as sweet potato, potato, ginger, leek, shallot, garlic and so on. The device is created of 304 stainless metal, which fully fulfills the wants of the state for food hygiene.
CZPT functions:
1. the gear is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which fulfills the requirements of GMP/HACCP certification and enhances the service lifestyle of the equipment.
two. large stress cleansing flows to the base storage tank, drinking water is filtered in the base storage tank, and then pressurized by the centrifugal pump is sent back to the higher-stress spray head. Water consumption is reduced, water preserving and energy preserving.
three. the equipment runs smoothly, the set up and servicing are clean and practical, and the security performance is large.
4. it can be outfitted with tools this sort of as draining and air drying to enhance work effectiveness.
five. cleaning and cleansing the surface of the cleaned item, cleaning the floor of the cleaned item and cleaning the item.
six. will not hurt components, make certain the good quality of materials unchanged.
seven. save manpower, simple to run. Straightforward to clear, lower power use, high safety functionality and large effectiveness.
Primary parameters:
Dimensions: 5000*1200*1450mm
Power: eight.75kw
Velocity of procedure: no pole velocity regulation
Water: recyclable
Water pump: can be configured according to customer’s wants
Transmission mode: community chain transmission

Parallel air dryer

1) Functioning basic principle:

The sweet potato is transmitted via the web belt, and the upper and reduced two levels of wind blower dryness frequently to recognize the multi area wind and the uniformity of the wind. By way of the higher stress wind of the blower, the humidity of the substance is blown dry and the wind mouth is winded by the wind. The air quantity pressure is efficiently lifted and the drinking water in the surface area of the substance can be blown away or evaporated in a brief time. Storage or deep processing. Increase the automation amount of enterprise production. Blow drying temperature is regular temperature, properly safeguard the colour and good quality of the materials alone.

two) Scope of application:

Food (which includes fruit and vegetables) cleansing, cooking, killing inexperienced, blanching, cooling or drying after packaging sterilization, to accomplish the impact of h2o removal, oil stains, scale and so on. The fruit and vegetable drying machine is specifically ideal for drying veggies or bagged items.

Gadget size 4000*1200*1550 mm
CZPT material 304 stainless steel
Electrical power .75KW of the mesh belt motor
Voltage 380V
Supporter energy .75KW
The number of supporters is 8
Complete electrical power six.75kw
Wind temperature and normal temperature

three)CZPT functions:
one. the complete equipment is produced of stainless steel, which fulfills the demands of GMP/HACCP certification and improves the service lifestyle of the tools.
2. the air temperature of air drying is typical at area temperature, which effectively protects the color and high quality of the substance by itself.
3. effectively get rid of the h2o droplets on the floor of the materials, shorten the operating time and boost the production effectiveness.
4. the gear has set up unique design to avert substance from blowing off in the import and export, which efficiently stops the leakage of the item.
5. chain utilizes an unbiased transmission technique.
6. mesh belt adopts nylon mesh belt to avoid harm to the merchandise when the materials is falling. The internet belt by itself has no pulling pressure, increases the support existence of the mesh belt, and can also be changed by the stainless metal chain community in accordance to the need of the consumer.
7. terminal is geared up with a heating unit, which properly avoids the issue of incomplete air drying in wintertime.

Sweet potato oven

1) Basic principle of tools:

The floor h2o melon, which is dried by the wind, is transported in change by the internet belt to the heat h2o melon oven in progress. The tools is utilised as the heating source, the heating pipe is heated by the dense heating tube, the hot air is circulated inside the box, the temperature of the upper, lower, left and correct of the box is steady, soon after a period of baking to make the box inside. The moisture material on the surface area of the sweet potato decreases, and softens inside, so as to attain the impact of becoming tender in the outdoors. The barn manufactured by our firm is equipped with lower sound, large temperature axial enthusiast and automatic temperature control method. The total circulation system is extremely productive and strength productive.
The barn is mainly utilised for roasting all kinds of root vegetables this sort of as sweet potatoes, potatoes and taro. The oven has a huge baking location and the most effective aluminum silicate materials is accessible on the industry, which significantly reduces the heat reduction and enhances the creation effectiveness. The tools has excellent baking uniformity, large sealing functionality, easy procedure, correct temperature management and higher precision, and is entirely in line with national food security and hygiene specifications.

2) CZPT functions:

1. the gear is created of large top quality SUS304 stainless steel and meets the specifications of GMP/HACCP certification.
two. the hot air varieties internal circulation in the oven, which has substantial thermal effectiveness and vitality preserving. There is no two air pollution, which is in line with nationwide foods hygiene CZPTs.
three. higher effectiveness and strength saving: aluminum silicate insulation substance, excellent warmth insulation effect, large efficiency and strength conserving.
4. oven roasted material is uniform and thorough. Will not influence the high quality of goods, guaranteeing higher efficiency and large top quality.
5. is broadly employed to roast a range of components.
six. the gear technologies is experienced, stable, trustworthy and prolonged support life.
7. geared up with movable doorways for easy cleansing, smooth procedure, higher protection efficiency, hassle-free set up and upkeep.

three) Primary parameters:

CZPT content CZPT steel
CZPT accessories Air dryer, heating tube
Manage box CNC or PLC, DELIXI(Sino German joint undertaking)
Overall electrical power one hundred ninety KW  
Heating method electric
Size twotwenty00*twelve00*thirteen00 mm
Drying Temperature 300ºC (adjustable)
Attribute CZPT electrical power cut, automated alarm
Heat insulation materials Aluminum silicate
Air dryer All aluminum, higher temperature and higher humidity explosion-evidence enthusiast
Roasting time adjustable
For each tray capacity two-fivekg
Temperature distinction ±2 ºC

pre-sale services

We Invite customers to visit our organization and converse on technological requirements encounter to experience.
sale services
Liable for debugging the gear in accordance to customers’ needs of different technological knowledge. Our engineers will train our customers about equipment features and procedure important details to make positive the products managing in the very best situation.

Soon after-sale service
We supply set up, debugging, routine maintenance, coaching and other companies Supply appropriate complex data, gear, computer software and relevant GMP certification materialsSet up following-income service hotline, and set up staff to check out consumers every 12 months to know much more buyer requirements,like customer procedure issues in the method of manufacturing tools.

CZPT guarantee
Our business promises strictly work the ISO9001 good quality technique certification CZPTs and pharmaceutical equipment GMP audit specifications,promise we give new gear. CZPT technological innovation,very good quality.CZPT procedure secure reputable, cost-effective, effortless to preserve.
CZPT guarantee period is one particular 12 months,all the parts for the products pick properly-acknowledged brand name.
During the warranty when tools have problem in high quality like tools failure and injury,the company for totally free upkeep or substitution.

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Customized Full Automatic Baking Sweet Potato Roasting Machine