Diesel Foam Pump System Fire Foam Skid for Proportioning

Diesel Foam Pump System Fire Foam Skid for Proportioning

 Balance Pressure Foam Proportioning Technique, Positive Displacement Foam Pump System (PHP)

The PHP  balance force foam proportioning device system primarily consist of normal force tank, harmony valve, foam pump, foam proportioner, control valves and handle system. The pump pumps out foam focus from the tank and it will stream through the balance valve and reached proportioner ultimately. In the meantime, pressurized drinking water also flows into proportioner and its pressure will be conveyed to harmony valve from a department pipe. Equilibrium valve will modify its opening degree according to the pressure and movement of drinking water and attain dynamic equilibrium to ensure an exact mixing ratio. It can be feed foam focus even when the unit is operating, which prolongs the doing work time. There are two diverse sorts of dynamics to travel the foam pump: motor driven and hydro turbine pushed.

Motor CZPTn Balanced Strain Foam Proportioning Unit

The motor driven stability stress foam proportioning system drives the foam pump with a motor. There are two motors that if 1 of them broken that the spared 1 will switch to perform to promise the gadget run usually.

Hydro turbine CZPTn Stability Pressure Foam Proportioning Unit:

The hydro turbine pushed balance pressure foam proportioning program depend on a hydro turbine to travel the foam pump. While, the hydro turbine is driven by pressurized water.


The unit normally constitutes foam spray system and lower/higher enlargement foam extinguishing technique with pipelines, foam turbines and foam nozzles. This device gives foam resolution for these techniques by way of pipelines which are distributed in all location places and they are linked with turbines or foam nozzles. The method works after there is fireplace someplace and solution was transported to destination region via pipelines. Thus vacation spot area will get foam resolution to set out hearth with foam generators or foam nozzles.

CZPT parameters:

Notes: we make obtainable CZPT style for our consumers

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Diesel Foam Pump System Fire Foam Skid for Proportioning