Double Acting Electric Electric Hydraulic Pump

Double Acting Electric Electric Hydraulic Pump

Double acting electric powered electric hydraulic pump

Production specification

Double acting electrical electric powered hydraulic pump is a hydraulic ingredient that supplies pressurized liquid to a hydraulic transmission and is a type of pump. Its function is to convert the mechanical energy of a power equipment (this kind of as an electric motor and an inside combustion motor) into the strain power of a liquid.

Design rated pressure rated flow





Bodyweight Measurement
high pressure low pressure high pressure low pressure KG L*B*H
DBD0.7L sixty three / .seven / 4 .75 22 300*200*four hundred
63 / .seven / 4.5 .75 23.3 350*230*450
DBS0.6/2L 63 two .six two 4.five .seventy five 24 350*230*450
DYB-1A sixty three 6.three .six two.four sixteen .seventy five forty one.5 390*three hundred*520
DYB-1B(S) 80 six.three .six 2.4 16 .75 49 390*three hundred*520
DYB0.8M 80(a hundred) / .eight / sixteen one.5 forty nine 390*three hundred*520
DSD0.8M/4B 80 2.five .8 4 20 one.5 63 450*350*600
DSD0.8M/6B eighty 2.five .8 6 36 1.5 eighty 450*350*600
DSD1.6M/6B eighty 2.5 1.6 six 36 2.2 80 450*410*715
DSD2.0M/6B 80 two.five 2 6 36 2.two eighty 450*410*715
LSJ4*four hundred 40 / four / forty three ninety one 500*400*670
DSQ6/50H 32 two.five six 50 a hundred and sixty 4 195 800*540*1571
DSQ6H/P4B 32 2.5 6 fourteen 60 2.2 eighty five 850*550*five hundred


CZPT information

CZPT Exhibits

The plunger pump is a manual torque wrench that achieves oil absorption and stress oil by a reciprocating motion of the plunger in the cylinder to obtain a adjust in the sealing quantity. This SAIYA Normal CZPT Torque Wrench has a lot of positive aspects above the equipment pump and the vane pump.
1,the elements forming the sealed volume are cylindrical plungers and cylinder bores, which are practical to procedure, can get higher fitting precision, have good sealing overall performance, and nonetheless have large volumetric efficiency in large force function
two,the flow of SAIYA Common CZPT Torque Wrench can be changed simply by changing the operating stroke of the plunger, producing it easy to implement variables
3,The principal components of the SAIYA Standard CZPT Torque Wrench are subjected to compressive tension, and the substance power houses can be entirely utilized.

CZPT Application

Our Double performing electrical electric powered hydraulic pump can properly operating in a Metallurgical business, energy sector, equipment industry, aviation market, mining sector and chemical industry.

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ZheJiang CZPT CZPT CZPT Co.,Ltd is primarily engaged in the research and improvement and revenue of hydraulic pumping stations, hydraulic cylinders, jacks, hydraulic electric powered pumps, hydraulic hand pumps and components.

The organization has strong technological energy, sophisticated products and reliable high quality. Major merchandise include pumping device pumping station, extremely-large stress hydraulic pumping station, hydraulic tools, hydraulic jacks and other extremely-high stress hydraulic merchandise, ultra-large pressure handbook oil pump series, extremely-higher force electric powered oil pump series and loader hydraulic cylinders, CZPT hydraulic cylinders, construction CZPT hydraulic cylinders, unique hydraulic cylinders and other 4 kinds of engineering hydraulic cylinder items, and contract design and style and generation of various hydraulic methods. We can also build a variety of hydraulic techniques, hydraulic instruments according to consumer needs.

Double Acting Electric Electric Hydraulic Pump