Double Acting Manual Hydraulic Hand Oil Pump High Pressure 700 Bar

Double Acting Manual Hydraulic Hand Oil Pump High Pressure 700 Bar

The handbook pump’s electricity resource is artificial electrical power. The a single-way guide oil pump is a little hydraulic pump which can convert manual mechanical vitality into hydraulic power. Numerous development such as lifting, bending, straightening, shearing, assembly, disassembly, and some other civil building and military design can be operated by making use of distribution cylinder and particular instruments.

Product No. Potential Pump Kind Oil Displacement Weight
Min Max
DFSYB-two 3L CZPT switchable enter / output two.5L twelve.5L 10Kg
DFSYB-three 10L 2.5L 16L 22Kg

SYB series handbook oil pump can assist numerous scenerios with the use of corollary gear, these kinds of as lifting, bending, straightening, shearing, riveting, assembly, disassembly and other standard civil design and military building. SYB Sequence oil pumps are guide power, higher stress, extremely-tiny, transportable, easy to run and broadly employed.

  • No sparks during procedure, suitable for flammable and effortless-explosive scenario. 
  • Can be linked to any hydraulic device
  • A broad assortment of uses
  • By making use of aviation hydraulic oil, working ambient temperature among -30ºC~55ºC are supported.
  • Noiseless procedure.

Thanks to hydraulic handbook pump is considered as a hydraulic electrical power resource, and it is made for crisis and explosion scenarios. The exterior variety is modest and lightweight, so that it is really portable and reputable.Extensively used in electric energy, metallurgy, copper and iron mines, shipbuilding, petrochemical, railways, bridges and big machinery.


Q: How many pushing jacks can be related with the oil pump?
A: Much more than 30 sets pushing jacks can be used with the oil pump.


Q: How many pressure can the handbook oil pump offer?
A: It can provide strain 60 Mpa which is suitable for most of hydraulic jacks in the market.

Double Acting Manual Hydraulic Hand Oil Pump High Pressure 700 Bar