Double Cylinder 2QS Type Steam Reciprocating Pump

Double Cylinder 2QS Type Steam Reciprocating Pump

one. Product description:

Product-2QS Steam Reciprocating Pump is a pumping tools which uses steam as electricity by “Basic principle of Pump”. Its primary advantages are: basic composition, effortlessly manage, join with steam pipe to use as prolonged as it has the area of supply of steam. It is suited for medium and tiny size boiler feed water, transportation petroleum merchandise in a refinery, drainage in a mine and so forth.

2. Model that means:

3. CZPT:

4. Data Sheet:


5. Item Description

Location of origin  China (mainland)
Model Title CZPT
Design Quantity


Structure multi-phase pump
Movement Charge six-sixteen.5³/h
Head 170m
 Reciprocating times thirty-sixty times/min
Pressure medium force
Electricity electric
Usage drinking water
Guarantee twelve months
Certification ISO9001:2015
Material forged iron, solid metal, stainless metal
Colour CZPT
Temperature <80ºC
Normal or NonCZPT Common


6. Note:

When steam pump is used for boiler feed h2o, flow will lower about 2 % , also reciprocating instances reduce Numerous steam pump cylinder functioning force is one .4MPa, steam discharge force 1 .7MPa, actual pressure need to be made the decision in accordance to the steam strain of cylinder piston I, e the larger steam pressure is, the larger steam discharge pressure is. Hooked up list is various sorts of relation curve in between steam inlet and outlet strain – differential and steam discharge stress, for instance: Product-Q B-3, QB – 9 Steam Pump, When steam force-differential in piston is .7MPa, steam discharge pressure is proper 1.17MPa (equal to 117 m Hg) shown in list with dotted line, the cheapest steam force much more than .3 MPa, otherwise pump will not starting.

Different steam pumps are suitable for saturated steam and superheated steam, the temperature should be considerably less than 200ºC.




Double Cylinder 2QS Type Steam Reciprocating Pump