Double Pipeline Working Station Solar Heating System

Double Pipeline Working Station Solar Heating System

Solar program/split solar h2o heater/solar water heater

Double pipeline operating station solar technique SP226 SP228

Factors of pipeline
one. Security valve: Protects the method elements from extreme in excess of-force in all operating phases.
two. Ball valve, check valvebrass substance
three. WILO pumpthis pump is a CZPT gadget in the technique, it required running position can be preselected using one of the 3 levels.
four. Manometeradopt hydraulic aseismatic manometer with a assortment from to ten bar suggests the system stress.
5. Join of expansion vessel: Put in expansion vessel, steer clear of the technique functioning at minus force.
6. Flow sensortimely keep an eye on medium stream of the whole system…
7. Exhaust settingadopt spray-paint metal tube, it can release air lead to of medium movement in the pipeline. In accordance air amount and frequency which lead to of method, we can take a look at whether this method have leakage phenomenon.
eight. CZPT temperature show: Medium temperature between right excursion and return trip, can be exhibited at 1st time. Temperature sensors are packed in a tube, Do not want to turn off any components when substitute it.
10. Warmth preservation materialEPS
11. CZPT thread1/2inch.
12. Highest doing work temperature of pipelineflow tripmanometer side150
Return trippump side110

CZPT info

SP 226
one. Externality dimensions: 450mm*310mm*150mm
two. Max. Self use: ≤ 3W
four. Variety of temperature measuring: ~a hundred and fifty
five. Electrical power of controlled pump (temperature distinction circulation pump, water-using stop circulation pump): 600W
six. CZPTtronical booster electrical power: ≤ 3000W
seven. Input signal: three temperature sensors (for best of tank, for heat collector, for base of tank)
eight. Output signal: three (digital booster, temperature difference circulation pump and drinking water-making use of finish circulation pump)
nine. System doing work pressure 8 bar and protection valve response pressure six bar.

SP 228
one. Externality measurement: 450mm*310mm*150mm
two. Max. Self usage: ≤ 3W
four. Range of temperature measuring: ~one hundred fifty
5. Electrical power of managed pumps(temperature variation circulation pump, drinking water-utilizing conclude circulation pump) or electromagnetic valve: 600W
six. CZPTtronical booster electricity: ≤ 3000W
7. Input signal: 6 temperature sensors (PT1000 for heat collector, NTC 10k B=3950 for drinking water tank)
eight. Output signal: five (electronic booster, 4 pumps or 3 pumps and 1 three way electromagnetic valve)
9. Method working stress eight bar and security valve response stress 6 bar.

Set up
Vertically installation, set up at circulation and return vacation of collector and drinking water tank. As over photo.

A. Developed for self-sustaining solar procedure
B. Straightforward set up, save expense, stunning appearance
C. Effortless to examine the flux of pipeline, temperature screen.
D. Continuous air separation throughout line operation, check program regardless of whether have leakage.

Model Quantity (L) Warmth pipe solar collector Lights (m²)
Diameter (mm) Duration (mm) No.
IPLU100 a hundred 47 1500 18 1.86
IPLU200 two hundred 58 1800 24 3.forty
IPLU 300 300 58 1800 36 five.ten
IPLU four hundred 400 fifty eight 1800 fifty seven.08
IPLU five hundred five hundred 58 1800 sixty eight.fifty


Double Pipeline Working Station Solar Heating System