Double Product Double Nozzle Fuel Dispenser Rt-Hg224 with Multi-Media

Double Product Double Nozzle Fuel Dispenser Rt-Hg224 with Multi-Media

Main Complex PARAMETERS:
* Ambient Temperature: -40º C~+55º C* Humidity: ≤ 95%
* Max Stream: 60L/min or 80L/min
* Precision: ± 0.thirty%
* Repeating Precision: ≤ 0.fifteen%
* Inlet Vacuum: ≥ 54kpa
* Outlet Vacuum: ≤ 0.3MPa
* Energy: AC110V± 20%, AC220V± twenty%, AC380V± twenty% (50Hz)
* Noise: ≤ 70dB(A class)
* Unit cost variety: ~9999, ~999999 (changeable)
* Solitary range: 1~9999.99, one~999999.ninety nine(changeable)
* Accumulative assortment: ~9999999999.ninety nine
* CZPTtronic Calibration.
* Voice and printer (option).
* Fueling moments restrict purpose.
* Perform of locking pump.
* Stop fueling by integer sale.
* Can set the decimal level for the screen, so can be utilized in many country with different forex rate.
* Leaves the communication ports, so it can Communicate with the gasoline station administration technique.
* Can talk with the IC card reader.

*The substance can be stainless, or painting.
*The title of nameplate can be made as your personal firm title.
*The look is up to you, for example, the place of keyboard. You can set it on the entrance, or on the side.
*You can send us your very own emblem, to paint on the dispenser or you can deliver us  big pictures, and we can print them as drinking water-evidence stickers, to adhere on the entrance doorway, the leading or the exhibit panel.

Main Component( If sumbersible, there are no motor and pump)

Primary ingredient Brand name&Model Specification
Motor Sida Solitary phase, 220V,.75KW
Equipment Pump Tatauno sort 45L/M
Circulation meter Tatauno sort 45L/M
Solenoid valve MSF-20AA 3/4inch, flange type
Hose Jiaobao Black,  3/4inch, four.5meter
Nozzle OPW sort three/4inch, 13/16inch
                        FUEL DISPENSER CONTROLLER 

Blue Sky components of fuel dispenser, oil dispenser, gasoline dispenser, petrol dispenser, diesel dispenser

1. Blue Sky utilised to be the 1st factory unique for dispenser controller in China. With above twenty years’ historical past in this discipline and continuous optimization & innovation, Blue Sky can make controllers with as many features as you like.
two. Virtually every single element is created by Blue Sky by itself, including controller, flowmeter and pump, considering that Blue Sky finds that other factories’ items can’t fulfill its demands and needs owing to the more and more thriving organization all over the globe.
three. Skilled, continual and innovative as Blue Sky is, its goods currently handed ATEX, OIML and other CZPTs.
four. With leading-rating personnel, some of which are from the first dispenser manufacturing facility in China, and some belong to the new era, Blue Sky dispensers boast seem marketplace status, in depth organization channels, sound consumer foundation and strong industry competitiveness.
5. Persisting to the basic principle of “generating trade providers the forerunner of the business”, Blue Sky will try for large efficiency, passion, integrity to provide clients with outstanding trade companies.

Presentation of Blue Sky factory

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Double Product Double Nozzle Fuel Dispenser Rt-Hg224 with Multi-Media