Electric Hydraulic Oil Pump for Hydraulic Jack or Cylinder

Electric Hydraulic Oil Pump for Hydraulic Jack or Cylinder

CZPTtric CZPT Oil Pump for CZPT Jack or Cylinder

Double performing electric powered pump station
1. Describe:
This ultrahigh pressure double acting electric powered pump station is a full hydraulic energy pack, it is made of oil pump,manage valve, oil box, motor, oil gauge and and so on.

2. Features:
1) modest dimension, mild fat, practical utilization, large working stress.
two) One phase pump station: simple structure, it can get higher functioning strain.
three) Double stage pump station: high-reduced strain pump source oil at the identical time when reduced stress, it can get the massive output stream minimal strain pump instantly unloading again the oil by means of manage valve when substantial stress, it can minimize the intake of electric powered motor.
4) holding operate: at the issue that outer oil-way is no expose, cease the pump for keeping 5 minters, rated pressure reduce significantly less than 5Mpa.

three. Application:
1) pump station is matched with other hydraulic tool, it can supply driven for lifting, profiling, bending pipe, straightening,tearing down, cutting, installing, gauging pipe, punching and and so forth.
two) It also can be set up into some device for providing energy pack.
three) As examination pressure pump station for varieties of substantial force hydraulic component, higher force container, substantial force rubber hose.

4. CZPT knowledge:

Product Max. Pressure
Minimal strain
Higher force movement
Low force circulation
Electrical power
Oil capability
HDB-.fifty five 80 two .four one .55 220/380 5
HDB-.seventy five 80 2 .7 2.five .75 220/380 ten
HDB-1.1 80 2 1 four 1.one 220/380 forty
HDB-one.5 80 two 1.one six 1.5 220/380 40
HDB-2.2 80 two two.five six two.2 380 40
HDB-3 80 two 3 six 3 380 60
HDB-4 eighty two three.2 six four 380 60
HDB-five.5 eighty 2 four.five 10 5.5 380 90
HDB-7.5 80 two 6 12 seven.five 380 90
HDB-11 80 2 nine fifteen 11 380 one hundred twenty
HDB-15 80 two twelve fifty fifteen 380 a hundred and fifty

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Electric Hydraulic Oil Pump for Hydraulic Jack or Cylinder