Extrusion Melt Gear Pump for Pipe Extrusion Line

Extrusion Melt Gear Pump for Pipe Extrusion Line

Extrusion soften pump  for pipe extrusion line 

GM-ME series melt equipment pump  reinforced melt pump is mainly utilized for stabilizing, pressurization and transportation of medium or high viscosity medium from the polymer circulation layer. This sequence of soften pump adopts electrical heating, and applies to PS, PP, PET, PVC, Laptop, PMMA, PA , and so forth.

Benifits of the metering pump melt equipment pump
1. Stabilizing the output pressure—the pressure on extruder can be reduced by 30%-50% after using melt pumps.
2. improving the product quality
3. increasing the extrusion output—reducing pressure on screw and chaning the building pressure from “screw to die” to “melt pump to die”, so the screw can extrude the products with high efficiency. Mean while the back-pressure on the extruder can be adjusted, reducing the melt residence in screw cylinder, stabilizing the plasticizing process and improving the product’s quality and quantity.
4. prolonging the working life—the pressure of extruder screw can be lowered after using the melt pumps, so screw wear can be reduced consumable
Item display

Technica information
one.Rotate speed: ≤60rpm(Adjustable)
two.Temperature: 400°C (max.) 
three.Max.Outlet pressure: 350Bar
four.Max.CZPTential pressure: 275Bar 
five.Heating method: CZPT Steel Cartridge Heater
six.CZPTening parts:  12.9 high-strength screws
7.Voltage: 380V(Others are optional)
8.Frequency: 50Hz(Others are optional)

CZPT information and mode 

Software fields
CZPTmer CZPT(movie, pipe, plate, sheet, granulation )
Large Temperature or Higher Viscosity CZPT (Computer, PMMA, Abs, HIPS, PET, PVB, PS, PP, PA, PE, PVA)
CZPT Fiber CZPT (polyester for cotton-fiber, polypropylene )
Other CZPTmer CZPT CZPT (rubber, asphalt, paint, adhesives, coatings, lubricants)
Extrusion soften pump  for pipe extrusion line 

OEM provider
We are a specialist maker of plastic extrusion display changer and soften gear pump, the sort ranges handbook display changer, hydraulic monitor changer, backflush display changer, and automated display changer, extrusion melt pum, discharge pump, chemical pump and spinning pump, and we can offer you OEM support, we give large good quality of merchandise with reasonable value, each the direct buyer or agent are welcome.
Guidelines for clients
How to select a most ideal kind of display screen changer /melt pump for your extrusion line ?
Following the products provider generating a size advice and then you should carry out your very own investigation to confirm acceptable sizing. That way, you will have the gain of unbiased analyses and, ideal of all, there is no additional value.
Understand the distinction among cost and expense. Be confident to get into consideration all of the variables and look at all the variables to determine the actual value of possession for the screen changer. Some of the hidden variables to take into account might be:
•Product top quality.
•Maintenance, time and price of areas.
•Process downtime and cost.
•Life expectancy for the tools and amortized expense of ownership.
•Cost and availability of filtration media.
•Pressure reduction and impact on line output and product high quality.
•Operator basic safety.
•Required operator intervention and labor value.
If all of these and other elements are taken into consideration, you can pick the most suited remedy, and then you can count on a significantly far better return on investment.

Extrusion Melt Gear Pump for Pipe Extrusion Line