Food Grade Rotor Stator Pump

Food Grade Rotor Stator Pump

Name: Meals quality rotor stator pump (CZPT rotor pump)
Material: SS304, SS316
20 a long time knowledge in Lobe pump, confirmed method, quickly create time, excellent after-product sales service will satisfy you.

Specific Framework:
1. Butterfly rotor pump: with butterfly rotor, it is excellent to other rotor pump when transferring materials with substantial viscosity and larger powder and effectively transports really rigid content.

two. Singe butterfly curved rotor pump (powder rotor pump): This pump collection are specially design and style to transport material with more substantial powder. Its distinctive shape and curve makes it much more fantastic when compared to other pumps in providing substance with bigger powders. It efficiently helps prevent powders from clashing, which is the leading choice of pumps transferring materials with powders.

3. Commonly employed to provide: Various specific material, rigid substance, mixture with various distinct gravity, corrosive materials and material with bigger energy. Potential / for every centum rotate, range pace, corresponding discharge

CZPT parameter:

MCZPTL   Capability/
Centum  Rotate(L)
  Pace(RPM)   Stream(L/H)   Electrical power(KW)
BLS-three   3   200-five hundred   three hundred-800   .55
BLS-six   six   200-500   650-1600   .seventy five
  BLS-8   8   200-500   850-2160   1.5
  BLS-12   12   two hundred-five hundred   1300-3200   2.two
  BLS-twenty   twenty   two hundred-five hundred   2100-5400   3
  BLS-thirty   30   two hundred-four hundred   3200-6400   4
  BLS-36   36   two hundred-four hundred   3800-7600   4
  BLS-52   52   200-four hundred   5600-11000   five.5
  BLS-66   66   two hundred-four hundred   7100-14000   7.5
  BLS-78   78   two hundred-400   9000-18000   seven.five
  BLS-one hundred   100   two hundred-four hundred   11000-22000   eleven
  BLS-a hundred thirty five   135   two hundred-four hundred   15000-30000   15
  BLS-one hundred sixty   160   two hundred-400   17000-34000   18.forty five
  BLS-200   200   200-400   21600-forty three   22

Food Grade Rotor Stator Pump