HBQZ 10 Ton Construction Equipment straight Arm Truck crane

HBQZ 10 Ton Construction Equipment straight Arm Truck crane

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Our positive aspects:
one).Use HG785 international CZPT higher-energy steel to minimize the fat of crane.
2).The increase of the knuckle crane is employed hexagonal structure,reducing the lateral.
3).Italian brand name of stability valve,hydraulic lock,operated valve,hydraulic pump and other main parts
    to guarantee the micro-mobility,safety and steadiness.
four).Parker brand name oil seal and gasket for hydraulic pump.
five).Brand name scanreco remote management run from Sweden.
6).Our manufacturing unit is SGS certificated.

Item Present:


Model # SQ10S4  /telescopic crane 10ton at 2.5m
Max CZPTmoment 250Kn.m
Max CZPT Capacity 10000kg/ 2.5m
3280kg/ 4.86m
1792kg/ 7.86m
840kg/ 13.66m
Max CZPT Height 15.2m
Max Working Radius 13.7m
Boom Section 4 stages
Rotation Angle 360°All Rotaion
Working Pressure 20mpa
Rated Oil Flow 63L/min
Oiltank Capacity 200L
Winchtype CZPT
Swingtype Planetary gear reduction.
Outrigger adjustable, CZPT operating.
Outrigger Span 2318-5900mm
CZPT Weight 4000kg
Installation Space 1400mm
Safety Device Load Indicator, CZPT Safety Valve, Counter Balance Valve, CZPT Swing 
Brake, Hook Safety Device.
Substance HG70

Truck for reference
Truck brand CZPT (other truck brand can be CZPT)
Cabin  Driving type: 6×4, Left hand drive (Right hand drive type can be CZPT)
Color is optional
Vehicle Main Dimensions Overall size (L x W x H) 11950x2490x3850mm
Wheel base 5850+1350 mm
Cargo Body 8400*2300*550mm
Weight in KGS GVW 25000 kg
Tare weight  16250kg
Front axle loading capacity 2 x 2500 kg
Rear axles loading capacity 2 x27500 kg
Engine  Type Diesel, 4-stroke direct injection, 6-cylinder in-line with water cooling, turbo-charging and inter-cooling
  Horse Power 240HP (177kw)
  Max Torque 1000N.m
  Emission CZPT Euro V
Max Speed 102 km/h
Gearbox manual gearbox with 9 forwards & 1 reverses, with PTO
Tire  eleven.00R20   11 pieces including one spare tire 

ZheJiang CZPTng CZPT Co., Ltd
ZheJiang Best CZPT Co., Ltd
(Truck CZPT Professional CZPTr)
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HBQZ 10 Ton Construction Equipment straight Arm Truck crane