High Pressure Multistage Diesel Engine Motor Water Pump

High Pressure Multistage Diesel Engine Motor Water Pump

           Large Stress  Multistage Diesel Engine Motor Water Pump

Business Info:

CZPTazhuang An Pump CZPTry is the centrifugal pump producer for diesel water pump, mulitstage pump, water pump, high force pump, centrifugal pump, boiler feed pump and centrifugal pumps.

one. CZPT CZPTtric Horzintal Substantial Pressure H2o Bossting Multistage Pump Introduction:

QD, QDG series Horizontal Boiler Feed Water Pump.Higher Strain Multistage Pump

Description: QD, QDG series centrifugal multistage pumps and QDL series vertical multistage centrifugal 
pumps are multiple single stage impeller combined together makes head high. 

They are used for pure water and liquids with concentration less than 1%, particles smaller than 0.1mm, or liquids similar to water in physicochemical property. QD series pump’s medium temperature can not exceed 80ºC, QDG series can not exceed 150ºC. Head: 76-1080m, flow rate: 3-600m3/h. 


We can use different materials of HT200, QT500, ZG500 stainless steel etc by different medium.

one) Easy installation and move

two) Pump body support by anchor assure the stable structure and maximum resistance off-center and distortion caused by line load

3) No overload design, make sure performance operate stably

4) Adopt national CZPT hydraulic model make sure high operation efficiency and good anti-cavitation performance

5) Packing seal and mechanical seal are available.   


two. CZPT CZPTtric Horzintal Large Strain Water Bossting Multistage Pump variety of application 

Suitalbe for mine, metropolis H2o CZPT and Sewerage CZPT

Transfer watery liquid medium, without reliable particle, temperature underneath 80°C

Suitable for boiler water feed or provide medium equivalent with scorching h2o, with out reliable particle, temperature beneath 105°C

Suitable for stain metal, mine, sewage transferring process.

Transfer mine drinking water with solid partical material beneath 1.5% or comparable sewage, temperature under 80°C

Suitable for transferring Corrosive liquid with out reliable partical, temperature between -20°C~105°C

Ideal for transferring Oil and petroleum products with no solid partical, temperature in between -20°C~150°C, viscosity beneath 120cSt


3. CZPT CZPTtric Horzintal Large Pressure Drinking water Bossting Multistage Pump Purposes Checklist

Air-conditioning system 
CZPT system 
CZPT cleaning 
Drinking water therapy(Drinking water purification) 
Fertilizing / metering system 
CZPTal application 
Other special applications 

four. CZPT CZPTtric Horzintal Substantial Pressure Water Bossting Multistage Pump CZPT Specifications 



Capacity (mthree/h)

one hundred twenty-1100

Head (m)


Speed (r/min)




NPSHr (m)


Electricity (kw)



five. CZPT CZPTtric Horzintal High Strain H2o Bossting Multistage Pump Feature

one, Straightforward routine maintenance: vertical pipeline structure, inlet & outlet at the exact same amount, can be set up in any position and any route, it is very straightforward no matter what maintenance or installation.

2, No h2o air pollution: the keyflow passage elements are manufactured of stainless metal after stamping, which has excellent characteristics of mild weight, clear, wellness, it is a best drinking water pump of environmental safety, power-saving.

3, low operating price, the principal movement passage factors are produced of stainless steel after stamping, easy stream passage parts, which has very good traits of large effectiveness, much less reduction, low charge of failure, more time services daily life

four, motor: the Aluminum Alloy motor has excellent attributes of gentle weight, tiny quantity, excellent heat dissipation, excellent appearance, longer support daily life, higher efficiency and minimal sounds, and so forth.



More than 20 years experience in pumps

Put on resistant materials

Specialized Examination CZPT

Anti-rust remedy casting

seven. CZPT CZPTtric Horzintal High Strain H2o Bossting Multistage Pump composition

High Pressure Multistage Diesel Engine Motor Water Pump