High Quality Hot Air Sterilizing Convection Drying Oven

High Quality Hot Air Sterilizing Convection Drying Oven

Large CZPT Sizzling Air Sterilizing Convection Drying Oven(DZF-6571)


The newly developed vacuum drying oven: many thanks to the technological accomplishment of the tank-heating field, we are in a position to innovatively fix the dilemma of the discovering the ideal warmth transmission process.

Utilization description of the vacuum drying oven:
This merchandise is made for dryness and warmth delicate substance, decompose-vulnerable and oxidation-susceptible substance. It is able to infuse inert gases and also speedily dry up complicated structured content articles.

Features of the vacuum drying oven:
one. Rectangular working tank maximized working quantity, precise computerized temperature manage.
2. Double deck steel glass that is anti-bullet structured allow observation.
three. Tank doorway is adjustable in stress. The wholly processed silicon rubber seal gasket supplying a substantial vacuum situation.
4. CZPT metal plate operating chamber guarantees the longevity of the solution.
five. Storage, heating, experiment and drying approach are all carried out in a non-oxygen atmosphere crammed with inert gases in case of oxidation.
six. Quick heating time, fifty% considerably less time intake than traditional way.
7.Vacuum atmosphere significantly lowers the boiling level of liquid which wants to be fighted off,so, a Vacuum Drying Oven can be applied in heat-delicate substance simply.
8.For some uneasy-dried samples, these kinds of as colloids, powder and other granules, Vacuum Drying Ovens can shorten their drying time.
9.All sorts of machines with difficult and porous framework will with out any residual stains after currently being washed by vacuum drying oven.
10.Use safer – in a vacuum or inert situations, it will make the explosion unattainable when oxide fulfills high heat.
11. In contrast with air circulation relied on Drying Oven, the powder sample will not be blowed and moved by flowing air.

Optional elements of the vacuum drying oven:

one. CZPT programmable temperature management gadget. 
two. Vacuum pump (120L/min)
three. Tank stand 
4. CZPT 


Variety DZF-6210 DZF-6090 DZF-6050 DZF-6571
Electricity source 220V 50Hz
Input power 1500W 750W 1400W          250W
Temperature scale RT+10~250°C
Temperature fluctuation one%
Vacuum fee  < 133Pa     
Core dimension 560×640×600 450×450×450 415×345×370 300×300×275
Overall dimension 720×820×1750 610×680×1460 710×560×550 590×490×450
Supporting board Three (impartial temperature control) two (unbiased temperature handle) two/a few one particular/two
Functioning chamber materials CZPT steel(1Gr18Ni9Ti) Chilly rolling sheet(08F)  CZPT metal(1Gr18nI9tI)

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High Quality Hot Air Sterilizing Convection Drying Oven