High Viscosity Three Screw Pump

High Viscosity  Three Screw Pump

We are skilled producer for Progressive cavity pump with large and steady quality&comma and we have created a lot of drinking water pump options for a lot of customers&period of time

Functionality scope

1 The maximum force four&period0MPa
two Potential selection 1~1000m3&solh
3 Temperature assortment -20~120º C
four Thee ciscosity of the medium 1~3000mm2&sols&comma when reduced the velocity of the rotation it can be up to 106mm2&sols

The viscosity of the medium will largely influende the twin screw pump&comma the nominal discharge of the pump indicates the discharge beneath the certain ciscosity condition&comma in order to make sure the pump to work on the substantial effectiveness working situation&comma wehn the test is not enough&comma we propose to pick the velocity of the fotation according to the following viscosity&interval

The viscosity of the mediumcSt Pace r&solmin
<400 1500
400 ~1200 one thousand
1200~3600 750

When the viscosity of the medium is greater&comma the customer need to speak to with the producer for the speed of rotation and motor electricity&time period

Progressive cavity pump Application instance

1 Oil field&colon Used as the multiphase combined transporting pump and crude oil transporting pump and the like which can transportation oil&comma gas&comma h2o&comma very small solid particullate&interval
2 shipbuilding&colon Employing as maritime loading pump&comma ballast pump an sewage treatment pump&comma main equipment lubricating pump and gas oil pump&time period
3 CZPT market&colon Employing as loading and transporting pump which can transportation all varieties of resin&comma pigment&comma paraffinwax&comma paint&comma rinting ink&comma emulsoid&comma all sorts of oil crude oil&comma hesvy oil and the like&time period
4 Energy plant&colon Making use of as large oil&comma crude oil transporting pump&comma major equipment lubricating pump&period of time
5 Meals market&colon Utilizing as transporting pump which can transportation liquor&comma honey&comma syryp&comma juide&comma fixde oil&comma milk&comma slurry oil&period

Composition qualities

This variety of pump adotp double-suction construction&comma equally finishes of screw are in the same stress cavity&comma axial pressure an be well balanced automatically&period The bearing of each finishes undertake exterior putting in&comma an getting lubricated a lone by employing lubricate&comma so it is not going to be motivated bu the medium&interval A couple of synchronous gears are uwed to generate the screws&comma so the screws floor are unable to contact at all&comma an there is a tiny chearance between the two screws&time period The impurity in the meditm can not fray the screws floor immediately&lparescept scour&rpar&time period

Other than some much less discharge ppumps &lparbelow the 2W&period of time W 4&period0&rpar&comma usually&comma inner security valve will be set up on the pump body&comma when the discharge pressure is above the rated value&comma it will have specific defense purpose&interval There are two entrance-exit directions&comma one particular is horizontally enter and horizontally exit&semi The other is horizontally enter and vertically upwards exit&semi The user can select in accordance to thir possess needs&interval

CZPTal steel

II&colon Mostly adopting the martensitic corrosion resisting steel
III&colon Largely adopting the austenite corrosion resisting steel
Material of the principal parts

Substance sort Parts name I II III
Pump casing twenty 0Crl3 0Crl8Ni9
Drving&comma pushed shaft 45 3Crl3 lCrl8Ni9
CZPTs 38CrMoAl 3Crl3 lCrl8Ni9
Insert QT600-3 ZGlCrl3 ZG0Crl8Ni9
If some other materials required&comma you should seek advice from with the company&interval

Model Capacity  &lparm3&solmin&rpar Force Pace KW  
m3&solh L&solmin MPa r&solmin aix motor suction
45× three-36 2&period8 forty six &period6 950 &period8 one&period1 five
four&period2 70 &period6 1450 1 one&period5 5
45× 2-46 4&period2 70 &period6 950 one 1&period5 five
fourteen 233 four 1450 4&period3 five&period5 5
62× 2-43 8&period58 143&period4 &period6 950 two&period06 3 five
13&period1 218&period9 &period6 1450 3&period15 4
62× 2-46 nine&period8 163 &period8 950 two&period9 4 five
twenty five 417 1 1450 eight&period5 11  
80× two-forty five 23&period1 386&period3 one 950 8&period6 eleven 5
35&period7 594&period5 one 1450 thirteen&period1 15
80× 2-fifty one 26&period9 448&period3 one 950 10&period5 fifteen 5
41 684&period1 one 1450 sixteen 18&period5
90× 2-36 24&period2 403&period5 &period6 950 five&period52 7&period5 five&period5
36&period1 602&period4 one 1450 13 15
90× two-36 27&period5 457&period6 1 950 ten&period2 15 five&period5
forty one&period9 698&period5 1 1450 15&period5 18&period5
90× 2-46 34 566&period7 &period8 950 9&period7 11 5&period5
fifty one&period4 856&period1 one 1450 18&period6 22
100× 2-forty six seventy two&period7 1212 &period6 950 16&period5 eighteen&period5 five&period5
seventy one&period2 1187 1 1450 twenty five&period5 30
100× 2-fifty one 55&period7 928&period6 one 950 20&period8 thirty five&period5
85 1417&period2 one 1450 31&period8 37
110× 2-46 fifty eight&period9 951&period7 1 950 21&period8 thirty five&period5
94&period6 1577 one 1450 33&period9 45
120× 2-42 65&period4 1090 one 950 24&period5 thirty five&period5
105 1760 one 1450 38&period2 forty five
120× 2-forty six 79&period6 1327 &period6 950 seventeen&period8 22 5&period5
123 2059 1 1450 44&period1 fifty five
150× 2-46 154 2582 one 950 54&period5 75 5&period5
236&period5 3942&period2 1 1450 82&period2 90

High Viscosity  Three Screw Pump