High Voltage 3-Phase Asynchronous AC Electric Motor Series Ytm Yhp Ymps for Coal Mill

High Voltage 3-Phase Asynchronous AC Electric Motor Series Ytm Yhp Ymps for Coal Mill

YTM, YHP, YMPS collection coal mill special 3-phase asynchronous substantial-voltage motor is a shut cage rotor motor. This series of motors is developed and created according to IEC CZPTs, and is specifically used for numerous mills in electricity stations, mines, metallurgy and other industries. .
YTM, YHP, YMPS collection massive squirrel cage motors have the benefits of big stall torque, huge heat capacity, reputable functionality, convenient installation and routine maintenance.
YTM, YHP, YMPS sequence big squirrel cage motor structure and set up type is IMB3, the quota is a continuous quota based on continuous doing work technique (S1), the rated frequency of the motor is 50HZ, the rated voltage is 6KV, and other products can be created according to demands. Voltage stage. This series of motors is used in a lot of industrial and mining environments, and the motor runs efficiently and securely.

Body No.: H400~800mm
Power range: 200kW~2000kW
Number of poles: 6 to 10
Rated voltage: 3000V, 6000V/6600V, 10000V/11000V
Insulation class: Course F
CZPT amount: IP54
Installation strategy: IMB3
CZPT technique: IC611
Functioning program: S1
CZPTal situations: 1000m earlier mentioned sea amount, 40°C ambient temperature.
Makes use of: It can be used to push reduced velocity (cylinder) and medium speed (bowl) coal mills in power stations, and can also be employed to drag other mechanical equipment with equivalent attributes.
* Procedure circumstances:
Altitude:  =< 1000m
Ambient temperature: -15- 40ºC
Input electrical power frequency: 50Hz±l%
Voltage: ±5% rated voltage
Obligation: S1( continuous).    
Comparison of different collection Substantial Voltage motors

No. Squirrel-cage motor Y JS YKK YKS Y2, Y3
Slip ring motor YR JR JR2 YRKK YRKS YR2, YR3
one Structure Box-sort development, manufactured up of metal plates welded with each and every other Compact struction
2 CZPT approach IC01 or (IC11, IC21, IC31) IC611 or IC616 IC81W IC411
3 CZPT ventilation, with leading mounted protection go over With best mounted air-air cooler With top mounted air-drinking water cooler  
4 CZPT variety IP23 IP44 or IP54 IP44 or IP54 IP54
5 Insulation F
six Mounting arrangement IMB3
7 Voltage offered 380 v, 2400 v, 3kv, 3.3kv  4160 v,  5500V  6kv, 6.6kv      10kv, 11kv
eight Frequency accessible 50Hz , 60Hz


Model Rated electrical power (KW) Rated voltage (KV) Stator recent(A) Synchro-velocity(r/min) Primary functionality indexes
Power  (%) Power aspect Locked torque
Locked current
Max. torque
YMPS450-6 280  
one thousand 93 .79 three seven.31 three.22
YMPS450-6 315  
forty one.
1000 ninety three.51 .794 3.018 seven.42 3.3
YMPS450-6 355  
one thousand 93.six .799 2.985 seven.31 three.23
YMPS450-six four hundred  
1000 93.seven .808 3.08 7.44 three.2
YMPS450-6 450  
fifty six.nine
one thousand 93.ninety eight .811 three 7.23 3.08
YMPS500-six 560  
one thousand ninety four.62 .793 3.04 7.forty four 2.7
YMPS500-6 630  
a thousand 94.seven .792 3.one 7.forty four 2.sixty seven
YMPS560-6 800  
ninety six.eight
a thousand 94.61 .84 two.985 7.43 three.37
YMPS560-6 900  
1000 ninety four.seven .843 three.03 seven.forty seven three.36
YMPS500-10 400  
600 92.7 .648 3.107 five.31 3.24
YMPS500-10 450  
seventy two.8
600 ninety two.eight .643 3.fourteen five.28 three.two


Design Rated power (KW) Rated voltage (KV) Stator present(A) Synchro-pace(r/min) Main performance indexes
power (%) Energy aspect Locked torque
Locked existing
Max. torque
YTM400-eight two hundred six 27.three 750 ninety two.forty two .762 one.827 4.sixty one two.eighteen
YTM450-eight 280 35.7 750 ninety three.three .807 one.848 five.726 2.77
YTM450-8 315 40 750 93.43 .808 one.868 5.sixty eight two.seventy three
YTM500-6 560 67.eight 1000 94.5 .842 one.826 five.915 two.51
YTM500-six 630 seventy six.3 a thousand ninety four.six .842 one.788 5.748 2.43
YTM500-six 710 84.8 one thousand 94.8 .845 one.eighty three 5.775 2.forty three
YTM500-six 800 96.7 a thousand ninety four.eighty two .838 one 896 five.ninety three 2.65
YTM500-eight four hundred 51.2 750 94 .803 one.864 five.93 2.76
YTM500-8 450 fifty six.8 750 94.one .809 one.875 5.ninety two two.72
YTM500-8 500 63 750 94.two .814 one 857 5.78 two.sixty one
YTM500-eight 560 70 750 ninety four.three .816 1.953 5.ninety six 2.5
YTM560-6 800 ninety five.3 one thousand 95 .846 1.83 five.4 two.08
YTM560-6 900 107 one thousand 95.21 .85 one.846 5.forty one two.08
YTM560-six one thousand 118.8 one thousand ninety five.33 .848 1.915 five.forty four 2.09
YTM560-six 1200 142.5 one thousand ninety five.38 .848 one.959 5.46 2.08
YTM630-six 1120 a hundred twenty five.3 one thousand 95.46 .nine two.08 six.58 2.forty eight


Product Rated electricity (KW) Rated voltage (KV) Stator current(A) Synchro-velocity(r/min) Main overall performance indexes
power (%) Electrical power aspect Locked torque
Locked recent
Max. torque
YTM710-one-6 1600 6 194 a thousand 95.29 .825 one.79 five.58 two.4
YTM710-2-6 1800 218 1000 95.36 .828 1.ninety three five.seventy five 2.forty four
YTM710-1-ten 1250 158 600 ninety four.seventy six .825 one.seventy eight 6 two.fifty two
YTM710-2-ten 1400 177 600 ninety four.seventy nine .82 one.84 6.1 two.fifty four
YTM800-one-ten 1600 200 600 95.02 .82 one.67 five.1 two.3
YTM800-2-ten 1800 225 600 ninety five.06 .83 one.77 5.fourteen two.28
YHP450-6 280 36.7 one thousand ninety three .seventy nine 3 seven.31 3.22
YHP450-six 315 forty one. a thousand ninety three.fifty one .seventy nine three.018 7.forty two 3.three
YHP450-6 355 45.seven a thousand 93.6 .8 two.985 seven.31 3.23
YHP450-6 400 50.7 one thousand ninety three.seven .81 three.08 7.44 three.2
YHP450-six 450 fifty six.8 one thousand 93.98 .81 3 7.23 three.08
YHP500-6 560 72.two one thousand 94.62 .seventy nine 3.04 7.44 2.seven
YHP500-six 630 eighty one. a thousand ninety four.seven .seventy nine three.1 seven.forty four 2.sixty seven
YHP560-6 800 ninety six.8 a thousand 94.61 .84 two.985 7.43 three.37
YHP560-6 900 108.9 one thousand ninety four.7 .84 3.03 seven.forty seven three.36
YHP500-ten 400 sixty three.nine 600 ninety two.7 .65 3.107 five.31 three.24
YHP500-10 450 seventy two.9 600 92.8 .643^ three.fourteen five.28 3.23

Note: all functionality indexes above are created values, as for values of performance and electrical power element could be negotiated independently.

YTM, YHP, and YMPS collection big squirrel cage motors have the positive aspects of big stall torque, large warmth ability, reputable overall performance, and practical installation and upkeep. The use of sophisticated and dependable forged aluminum rotor construction or copper strip rotor structure makes certain the large starting torque of the motor.

The motor products manufactured and bought by our organization are used in many industries, such as electric powered energy, mining, steel metallurgy, petrochemical, drinking water conservancy, transportation, creating supplies and numerous other industries. The products for the motor is pump, machine resource, fan, mill, crusher, rolling mill, compressor and a lot of other industrial gear.

There are a lot of kinds of motor items produced and marketed by our firm. The principal products are high- and low-voltage three-stage asynchronous motors. The motor construction sorts consist of squirrel-cage variety and winding sort. Between them, higher-voltage synchronous motors mainly assist CZPTs and mine ball mill products. use. We adhere to the services tenet of “concentrate on products, provider with heart” and give substantial-quality motor products to clients.

The firm has huge-scale laboratory, smart CNC winding equipment, CNC climbing equipment, automated wrapping equipment, VPI higher strain vacuum immersion program, huge-scale dipping paint drying furnace, 60 tons examination platform, big vertical car, milling equipment, grinding device, Every sort of dynamic balancing equipment, double-opinions test and detection program with 6MW (12MW) motor and other motor creation expert tools more than five hundred sets, seem mechanical equipment processing ability, to lay a great basis for clients to enhance very good top quality motor merchandise.


High Voltage 3-Phase Asynchronous AC Electric Motor Series Ytm Yhp Ymps for Coal Mill