Horizontal Direct-Coupled Single Screw Pump

Horizontal Direct-Coupled Single Screw Pump

Helical rotor pump /mono screw pump, is match for taransitting large precise iquids and suspended particles and medium. Considerably less components, which is hassle-free for routine maintenance. Commonly employed for papermaking, chemical insustry, marine generating, mining, food things, and environmental protection.

1. Potential: .8-150m³/h
2. Head: 60-120m
3. Dimension: twenty five-150mm
four. Velocity: 25-960r/min

Considerably less areas, handy for upkeep
Transmit higher exact liquid and suspended particlles
Classification of CZPT Pump
In accordance to content, there are SUS304 and SUS316
According to motor species, it can be divided into common motor, explosion-evidence motor  

It can transport lubricating oil, gasoline, convey all types of oil and high polymer, employed to transportation sticky liquid.  
Qualities of CZPT Pump
Reduction of screw pump is little, with great economic efficiency. High and even strain, uniform stream, higher pace, can immediately few with engine.

(one)Foodstuff business: Transfer liquor or wine, squander liquid or additive liquid (2)Textile mill: Transfer combined fible liquid, dyestuff, printing ink, blended nylon powder liquid (three)Paper-producing: Transfer black liquor (four)Petro-business: Handing oil, grease (5)CZPT: Transfer suspended liquid, emulsion liquid, soda liquid and salt liquid

G positive displacement pump can transmit liquid with eighty% viscosity, and medium with solid suspension partical, and so on. High viscosity medium can be pumped after heating.

Teachnical Parameters

crew slurry pump (mm) (r/min) (m³/h) (kw)
Design Diameter Velocity Stream Energy
G10-1 twenty 1400 .five .37
G15-1 25 960 1 .55
G20-1 32 960 one.5 .seventy five
G25-1 32 960 two 1.1
G30-one forty 960 3 one.five
G35-1 50 960 five 2.two
G40-1 50 960 7 three
fifty 720 5.5 two.2
G45-one 50 960 9 4
fifty 720 seven 3
G50-1 65 960 13 five.five
sixty five 720 ten four
G55-one sixty five 960 18 7.five
65 720 13 5.5
G65-1 eighty 720 30 eleven
G86-1 a hundred 720 sixty fifteen

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Horizontal Direct-Coupled Single Screw Pump