Hygienic Stainless Steel Honey Paste Lobe Pump Cam Rotor Pump

Hygienic Stainless Steel Honey Paste Lobe Pump Cam Rotor Pump

Tag:Hygienic CZPT Steel Honey Paste Lobe Pump Cam Rotor Pump

<<Between Rotor and stator keep a certain gap,no friction coefficient and long service life.
<<High efficiency and energy saving,conveying smooth,low failure rate, reliable sealing and low noise.
<<Simple assembly and disassembly,maintenance,cheaning is convenient,less easyworn parts.
<<To keep the continuity of operation reliability and no leak time.
<< After to use of special material,may conveying the sludge and sewage containing solid grain of the granular.
<< May conveying the medium viscosity for less than or equal to one million cp,and contain solid content is sixty percent of the slurry.
<<May conveying the vapor,fluid and solid three-phase mixed material.
<<This pump to use special stainless steel,can conveying strong corrosive fluid.
<<Configuration frequency transfurer,can adjust flow,and can make the general metering pump use.
<<According to user needs,in the pump shell increase thermal insulation and health-grade safety valve.
CZPT parameter

Product Capacity per 100 rotation(L) Pace
Circulation(L/H) Electricity
High definition-three 3L 200-five hundred 300-800 .55
High definition-six 6L two hundred-500 650-1600 .75
Hd-eight 8L 200-five hundred 850-2160 1.5
High definition-twelve 12L 200-five hundred 1300-3200 2.2
Hd-20 20L 200-500 2100-5400 3
Hd-thirty 30L 200-400 3200-6400 four
High definition-36 36L 200-four hundred 3800-7600 4
Hd-fifty two 52L 200-four hundred 5600-11000 5.5
High definition-sixty six 66L 200-400 7100-14000 7.five
High definition-78 78L two hundred-four hundred 9000-18000 7.five
High definition-100 100L two hundred-four hundred 11000-22000 11
High definition-135 135L 200-four hundred 15000-30000 fifteen
High definition-a hundred and sixty 160L 200-400 17000-34000 18.5
Hd-200 200L two hundred-400 216000-43000 22

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Hygienic Stainless Steel Honey Paste Lobe Pump Cam Rotor Pump