Industrial Air Cooled Water Chiller for Plastic Bottle Blowing Moulding Machine

Industrial Air Cooled Water Chiller for Plastic Bottle Blowing Moulding Machine

Air-cooling industrial chiller making use of superior generation technology, superior top quality, compact construction, lovely visual appeal. The merchandise can be commonly utilised in plastics, electroplating, electronics production, pharmaceutical chemical substances, foodstuff processing, laser, ultrasonic amazing, printing and other industries, can precisely management the desire for modern day industrial mechanized generation of temperature, hence drastically improving the manufacturing performance and product high quality.
Principal Attributes

1. Using CZPT/Darkin from Japan, CZPT from the CZPT States and other brand compressors, low noise and power saving, Much more durable
2. Adopt fin and tube condenser, cooling effect is excellent and steady functionality
three. Evaporator stainless steel drinking water tank, built-in computerized water gadget
four. Adopt imported pumps, stainless metal pump for clients to decide on from, to avoid CZPTary pollution
five. Microcomputer digital temperature controller, built-in operation, easy and useful, large handle precision
6. Making use of box construction, CNC punch push precision machining, electrostatic energy paint, sophisticated appearance, equipped with wheel so that effortless to transfer
7. Chiller Device equipped with reverse section lack protection, motor overload safety, higher and lower voltage security, temperature defense and other protection security device, manufactured the system far more stable and secure. Tiny size, light weight, and compact structure

CZPT Parameters:

Parameters Model KDE-.6A KDE-01A KDE-02A KDE-03A KDE-05A KDE-06A KDE-08A KDE-10A
Rated CZPT Capacity Kw/50Hz one.6 two.nine six.2 9. 14.eight 17.eight 23.nine 29.eight
Kw/60Hz 2.1 three.three ten.4 seventeen. twenty.5 27.five 34.three
USRT/50Hz .5 .8 1.8 2.six 4.2 six.8 eight.5
USRT/60Hz .six .9 two. two.nine 4.8 5.eight 7.8 9.7
Kcal/h/50Hz 1376 2494 5332 7740 12728 15308 two 0571 25628
Kcal/h/60Hz 1806 2838 6106 8944 14620 17888 23650 29498
Enter Electricity KW .9 one.35 two.1 2.82 five. five.6 seven.twenty five nine.15
Max Working Recent A eight 15.8 8.8 13.4 sixteen twenty.nine
Electricity 1PH 220V 50Hz 3PH 380V 50Hz(200V/220V/415V/460V50Hz/60Hz)
Refrigerant Type R22  (R134a/R407c)
Management Approach Capillary External-well balanced Thermostatic Enlargement Valve
CZPT Type Hermetic Rotary Variety Airtight Scroll Kind
Electricity KW .forty five .seventy five 1.five 2.twenty five 3.seventy five four.five 6 seven.5
Condenser Kind Productive Aluminum Finned Copper Sleeve+Minimal Sounds External Rotor Fan 
CZPT Air Stream m³/h  50Hz 750 one thousand 2000 3000 5000 6000 8000 ten thousand
m³/h  60Hz 900 1400 2900 4300 7000 8500 11400 14200
Evaporator Variety Tank with Coil   or Shell and Tube   
Tank Quantity L ten 25 thirty sixty sixty 70 a hundred and fifty 180
Chilled H2o Movement m³/h  50Hz .3 .five 1.1 1.five two.5 5.1
m³/h  60Hz .four .six 1.two 1.eight two.9 three.five four.7 five.nine
Inlet/Outlet Pipe Dia. Inch 1/two” 1/two” one/2″ one” 1″ 1″ 1-one/two” 1-one/2″
Water Pump Electrical power KW .37 .37 .37 .37 .75 .seventy five .seventy five .75
Raise M 20 twenty 20 20 twenty twenty 20 twenty
Protection CZPT CZPT over heating security, above current defense, Large/low voltage defense, over heating safety, circulation protection, stage security, Exhausting overheat safety, anti-freezing protection
Dimension Size mm 685 680 770 1000 1120 1150 1250 1500
Width mm 400 420 five hundred 480 530 five hundred 680 770
Top mm 850 850 950 1100 1200 1200 1400 1400
Bodyweight KG 50 73 ninety five 128 172 a hundred ninety 310 350

Be aware one. The above red  font parameters for particular voltage product need to unique get CZPT capacity of R407C unit will be five% lower than R22 unit
two. Nominal cooling capability calculated according to: inlet/outlet chilled fluid temperature: 17ºC/12ºC inlet/outlet cooling air temperature: 30ºC/35ºC
3. Functioning problem: The temperature range of chilled fluid is from 5ºC to 35ºC temperature big difference in between inlet and outlet chilled fluid is from 3ºC to 8ºC.
4. It is better to run the chiller although the ambient temperature at or underneath 35ºC
five. The electrical power distribution and wiring of the set up shall be primarily based on the nameplate or set up recommendations of the device.  We reserve the rihgt to modify the above info whithout prior discover

Function Principle


Be broadly employed in plastics, electroplating, electronics manufacturing, pharmaceutical chemical substances, food processing, refrigeration and other industrial institutions and guesthouses, lodges, shopping malls, office properties and other sorts of civil air-conditioning system.

Package & CZPT
Use CZPT export plywood case with forklift truck ft, effortless to load and unload
twelve-fifteen days to complete the creation soon after obtaining the deposit

Following-sales service:

A. twelve months good quality warranty given that the date of shipping.
B. All further elements for the equipment can be acquired with agent price tag from COOLDERE.
C. 24 hours functioning phone contact: 13829879662, Electronic mail/ Skype/CZPT manager on-line to assist.
D. Expert technical staff and sales man or woman give you regarding troubleshooting procedures via Net and Cellphone any time when essential.
E. Free and Professional Education at our Manufacturing facility under the relaxed condition.

Needed data to Quote
COOLDERE firm have 1 unique engineer group for design, they can make the special remedy according to your functioning need, this kind of as customise cooling capacity, specific materials for ship use, seawater, corrosive, food business, juice and wine procedure and and so forth. Just explain to us: 
A. What is your h2o composition? or market

B. What is actually your temperature variety?
C. What’s your chilled water stream require?
D. What is the working ambient?
E. What voltage do you need to have?
one. CZPTing Refrigerants: R22, R407, R134a can be supplied on request
2. Particular voltages: 115V 220V~240V fifty Hz or 60Hz (Solitary and 3 Phase) are available then we can select the proper chiller for you.


Industrial Air Cooled Water Chiller for Plastic Bottle Blowing Moulding Machine