Lab Use Industrial Cooling Equipment Cooler

Lab Use Industrial Cooling Equipment Cooler

Lab use industrial cooling gear cooler

The temperature of the system or item is cooled by the coolant flowing into it, and the heat is concurrently discharged. China produced chiller for supporting jackted glass reactor(YHLT571)
Chilling circulators are employed to do low temperature experiment, this kind of as chemical, biological and actual physical experiment in lower temperature. They are excellent equipment for cooling lab tools like rotary evaporators, glass reactors, wiped film evaporators, and so forth.
Characteristics of CZPT Circulator
– Closed cycle pipeline layout hugely stops circulating water air pollution and extends the life span of circulation liquid.
– Multi-grade basic safety aspects, person-helpful design.
– Brand name compressor, cascade refrigeration cooling technologies.
– Productive two-condensate technique.
– Computer-cascade temperature controller, temperature figures exhibit, adjustable device is .10C.
– Can set the temperature distinction of compressor on/off.
– Monitoring the ambient temperature, avert temperature to be larger in the working method.
– A assortment of fault alarm (in excess of temperature alarm, sensor alarm, large stress alarm, compressor overheat alarm, liquid degree alarm).
– Electrical power on hold off protection, three-level cascade method protectors.
– All elements are security grounding.
– Adopt entire closed circulation design, no h2o vapor at reduced temperature and guarantee the purity of cooling medium in circumstance of ice crystals, offer a long time life of warmth transfer liquid.
– Substantial-overall performance circulating pump, can guarantee 24 hours’ continually operating a working day.
– Use plate great-warmth-exchanger, warmth transfer effectiveness is provided.

Specification of CZPT Circulator

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Lab Use Industrial Cooling Equipment Cooler