Marine KCB Series Gear Oil Pump for Shipyard

Marine KCB Series Gear Oil Pump for Shipyard

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Product Description

CZPT KCB Collection Gear Oil Pump for Shipyard

This pump is suited to carry various oil, such as heavy oil, diesel gasoline and lubricate oil, animal and vegetable oil and so forth. It is also able to transfer the fluid of reduced flashing level, this sort of as gasoline and benzene and so on, by getting equipped with copper gear. Make sure you be aware that the media temperature should not surpass 70° C for frequent pump and 300° C for anti-substantial temperature oil pump. The pump has basic safety valve by itself for safety when the pumps were in excess of-loaded. Shaft seal has skeleton oil seal, mechanical seal and stuffing seal. Please indicate the shaft-seal variety you need to have when spot the order.


      Model     Capacity  (L/min) Pressure  (bar) Suction  Head  (m) Power    (kw) Diameter  (Inch) Speed  (r/min)
KCB18.3  eighteen.3 14.5 five one.5 three/four” 1400
KCB33.3 33.three 14.five 5 2.two three/4″ 1420
KCB55      fifty five three.3 5 1.5 1″ 1400
KCB83.3  eighty three.three three.3 five two.2 1  1/two” 1420
KCB133.3  133.three three.3 5 four two” 1450
KCB200    200 3.three five 4 2″ 1450
KCB200    two hundred six 5 5.five two” 1450
KCB200  two hundred 10 five seven.5 2″ 1450
KCB300    three hundred 6 five five.five 3″ 960
KCB483.three 483.3 three.6 5 7.5 three” 1450
KCB633  633 10 five eleven three” 1450
KCB960    960 two.8 5 11 four” 960

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Marine KCB Series Gear Oil Pump for Shipyard