Medical Phlegm Handheld Suction Unit for Emergency Use

Medical Phlegm Handheld Suction Unit for Emergency Use

I.Item Description:

Adopted by minimal unfavorable stress electrical collector, clear and speedily.
Thoroughly clean the airway by damaging pressure vacuum pump theory. Through squeeze manage to make adverse strain, and sputum will be inhaled into the bottle physique by the sputum tube, the sputum will be expelled out of the human body via the trachea effortlessly.

Gentle straw, stay away from to injuries throat
Adopted by health care gentle straw. No painless and will not hurt the larynx mucosa if sputum procedure is correct.

Substantial exhaustion spring
Higher overall flexibility, low wear and lengthy provider daily life.

High volume storage liquid bottle
There is spill valve unit to prevent feasible viscous liquid sourcing into the physique, one particular-piece cylindrical cup design and style, effortless to cleanse.

II. CZPT Parameter

Vacuum following 1 minute at 20kPa vacuum  ≥ 15kPa
Vacuum following 6 occasions suction ≥ 20kPa
Vacuum (max) 74kPa(550mmHG)
Free of charge airflow Peak ≥20L/Min
Disposable container quantity 300ml
External diameter of cap (suction port) 17mm
Exterior diameter of catheter connection 17mm and 9mm
Adjustment Turn to fifty% or 100%
Functioning environmental temperature -20ºC to + 50ºC
Storage environmental temperature -40ºC to + 60ºC
Height of container and exterior diameter of base 130mm and 70mm

III. Configuration

NO. Description Quantity (Pc)
1 Gadget one
2 CZPT 1
3 CZPT 1
4 Silicon tube one
5 Instruction one

1. What is the function for the suction equipment?
Suction devices or aspirators are tracheostomy-treatment units used for eliminating obstructions from a person’s airway. The equipment uses suction to pull out mucus, saliva, blood, secretions or other fluids clearing the airway for easy respiration. These machines are made possibly for stationary use at residence or the portable range for a affected person on the move.

two. Which kind of suction device do you have?
We have a varied range of transportable and non-moveable suction device which can be utilized in hospitals, clinics, doctor’s business office and ambulances or at home. Our assortment of aspirators is created to have out a broad variety of suction processes.

V. Packing & Delivery

To better ensure the security of your items, professional, environmentally welcoming, convenient and productive packaging companies will be supplied.



Medical Phlegm Handheld Suction Unit for Emergency Use