Multi-Funcational Filtering Purification Machine

Multi-Funcational Filtering Purification Machine

1.HDTL series multi-practical vacuum oil filter is mostly used to treat and purify unqualified lubricating oil, turbine oil, refrigeration oil, gear oil, anti-dress in hydraulic oil and other substantial-precision oil.


2.It is utilised in electricity plant, electrical power station, electric powered power company, energy transformation market, metallurgy, petrochemical, machinery, transportation, railway and other industries power system. It is utilised to purify lubricating oil this kind of as machine oil, cooling oil, gasoline, engine oil, diesel engine oil, heat remedy oil, and so forth.

3.CZPT damaging parts these kinds of as dampness, impurities and risky make a difference (such as ammonia) in the oil to ensure the typical operation of hydraulic program, electricity technique and lubrication method.


2.Equipment CZPT:

This agreement refers to the CZPT of “JB / 5285-2008 vacuum oil purifier equipment market”.

three.Constraction and operate of equipment
The equipment involves: frame, oil filtering system, heating method, vacuum method, separation technique, condensate method, oil transportation technique, pipeline valve method and electrical management program.

one) It adopted the separation technological innovation of ZheJiang Aviation Navy coalescence separation program, high-efficiency vacuum dehydration, degassing and impurity remova. It has high oil purification efficiency for the industrial oil this kind of as turbine oil, hydraulic oil and lubricating oil, so that the filtered oil can fulfill the use CZPT.

two) Compact construction: it adopts the framework of taking away filter factor with no equipment, so it is hassle-free and fast to substitute filter element.

three) Equipped with infrared defoaming system: automatically eliminate the oil bubble in the vacuum tank, so as to avoid the hurt of the vacuum pump brought on by the oil bubble inhalation into the vacuum pump.

4) Equipped with filter component air pollution alarm: when pollution of the filter element is entirely absorbed, the entire device will immediately end managing and give an alarm to quit and prompt to replace the filter aspect.

5) Built in heater: heating performance, warmth preservation performance, heating velocity, etc. are outstanding to the very same industry amount.

six) Reduced electrical power density tubular heating element is adopted, constructed-in oil shortage defense and electronic screen continual temperature management system, which will not cause dry burning and oil cracking of oiler underneath any conditions, and the entire machine can be operated online.

seven) The oil transfer pump performs stably with reduced noise.

8) When the equipment is began, the noise is steady and minimal. During regular operation, the oil pump does not vacant and the motor does not operate under load. In situation of any irregular condition, the alarm can be routinely provided, so as to attain the computerized and dependable security of the primary products and guarantee the secure and steady procedure of the oil filter for a long time.

9) The equipment is outfitted with automatic drainage program, automated anti oil leakage device, automated oil degree control, computerized alarm and shutdown to avert the oil leakage of vacuum oil filter.

10) The base of the complete device is equipped with a bearing caster for hassle-free movement.

twelve) Swift connector is utilized for oil inlet and outlet pipe, which is convenient to use.

13) The device has secure performance and avoids the difficulty of altering each valve after commencing the common oil filter.

Main technical parameters:


1 Design no. HDTL-twenty HDTL-thirty HDTL-50 HDTL-one hundred HDTL-150 HDTL-two hundred HDTL-300
two Movement 1200L/h 1800L/h 3000L/h 6000L/h 9000 12000 18000
3 Sort Coalescence vacuum separation
4 Operating Vacuum (Mpa) -.06~.098
5 Stress (Mpa) ≤ 0.5
six Sounds (dbA) ≤ 78
7 Residual Moisture content (PPm) ≤ 100
eight Acid Price (mgKoH/g) ≤ 0.3 (GB/T264)
9 Inlet and outlet pipe diameter (mm)     25 25 32 forty fifty 50 sixty five
ten Heating variety of Oil Temperature (ºC) 20ºC-80ºC
11 CZPT CZPT (μm) ≤5
twelve CZPT impurities(%)  
No (GB/T511)
thirteen Demulsification degree (min) ≤ 15 (GB/T7305)
fourteen Whole power(KW)    23 twenty five forty five 65 86 108 one hundred sixty
15 Electricity provide 380V±10%, 50Hz or 60Hz (Can be CZPT)
16 Internet fat (kg)    280 320 580 800 900 1000 1200
seventeen Demension(cm)
one hundred*eighty*140 one hundred*80*a hundred and fifty a hundred and twenty*90*one hundred fifty 150*one hundred ten*one hundred seventy one hundred seventy*a hundred and twenty*180 a hundred and eighty*a hundred thirty*190 200*a hundred and fifty*210


Sr Decription Qty
1 Inlet/outlet oil tube 10m
two CZPT factor 1 established
3 Hose clamp four pcs
four Circuit diagram 1 pc
5 Opearting guide 1 pc
6 Calibration report one computer

seven.Optional products for purchasers:
one. Drinking water circulation vacuum pump
two. Stream meter with accumulation operate
three. On line dampness detector and on-line particle detector
4. PLC smart manage, contact monitor and dynamic display
five. High high quality imported energy factors, filter components and electrical elements to boost equipment efficiency
six. BT or CT explosion-evidence

eight.CZPT gear as for every consumers specifications:
1. The complete equipment mechanism can be manufactured into cell and mounted type
2. Entirely closed and open type can be made
three. Decide on the tools shade in accordance to the requirements
4. The total equipment can be produced into oil filter with plate and body, which has better filtering impact for oil with a lot more impurities


Multi-Funcational Filtering Purification Machine