Ns-P-I5 High Precision LCD Display Industrial Pressure Transducer

Ns-P-I5 High Precision LCD Display Industrial Pressure Transducer

Applications of Pressure Transducer

·Vacuum CZPTry, Plant          

·CZPT and CZPT Sterilizers, Autoclaves

·CZPT Systems

·Water Pump Booster Sets

·Waste and Water Management


Introduction of Pressure Transducer

P-I5 pressure transducer has the strain chamber which is produced of solitary comprehensive stainless metal piece, and all-metallic sealing structure with LED display for true time pressure price. The force transmitter uses TM’s silicon oil filling engineering and has specifically designed composition. It adopts the general electronic calibration and temperature compensation 


Stress Transducer electric specification

Energy offer: 24VDC(12~32VDC)

Output sign: 4~20mA

Insulation resistor: 100MΩ,500VDC


Pressure Transducer construction 

Diaphragm: stainless metal 316L

Housing: stainless steel 304

Requirements CZPT data

Measuring selection

-100kPa  1.0   1.6    3.0   10   40    80     90    100MPa
Overload stress  200%F.S.                                                       150%F.S.
Burst pressure  500%F.S.                                                       200%F.S.
Operational manner Gauge, Absolute, Adverse
Measuring media appropriate with SUS304, SUS316L
Output sign 4~20mA
Procedure voltage 24VDC(twelve~32VDC)
Accuracy ±0.05%F.S          ±0.1%F.S           ±0.25%F.S 
Prolonged-phrase drift(kind) <±0.1(type)                                           %F.S./Year
Compenstated temperature variety (kind) -20~+85                                                                    ºC
Operating temperature assortment (type) -30~+85                                                                    ºC
Storage temperature assortment (variety) -forty~+120                                                                  ºC
Fluid temperature selection (type) -30~+120                                                                  ºC
Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ(500VDC)
Vibration resistance  IEC 60068-two-six(5…2000Hz, 20g)
Shock resistance IEC 60068-2-27(50g, 11ms)
EMC evidence IEC 61000-6-two/3/4
Materials CZPT steel 
CZPT relationship G1/4A,G3/8A,G1/2A,NPT1/four,NPT1/two,M20×1.five
IP security IP 65

Pressure Transducer dimensions:

Pressure Transducer order manual:


Ns-P-I5 High Precision LCD Display Industrial Pressure Transducer