OEM Spiral Bevel Cylindrical Pinion Planetary Helical Worm Transmission Gearbox Housing

OEM Spiral Bevel Cylindrical Pinion Planetary Helical Worm Transmission Gearbox Housing

OEM Spiral Bevel/Cylindrical/Pinion/Planetary/Helical/Worm/Transmission Gearbox 

Technical specs

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Ductile iron Sand Casting Water pump body 
one.strict QC & timely delivery 
three.very good at custom 

A.Sodium silicate sand casting.
B.Metal, SST.
C.Bodyweight:Upto 7000KG.
D.Pump body,impeller,and many others.
E.CZPT test, and other necessary inspections available.
F.Further machining: CNC machining, turning, milling, planing, grinding, unexciting, drilling, threading as your drawing.
G.OEM service.

OEM CZPT Metal Die Casting Transmission Gear Box for Auto Components

one.Casting classification: Sand casting CZPT casting Vacuum process casting etc.
2.Gray iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, etc.
3.Adoption CZPT:BS,DIN,ASTM GB etc.
4.Weight range:.5~5000kg.
5. Producing capacity:2,000 tons per month.
6.Main application: Metallurgy CZPTry CZPTs CZPT CZPT
Textiles CZPT Paper-creating CZPT.
7.Main equipment: CZPTs Heat treatment furnacesdirect-reading spectrometer Shot -blasting equipment, etc.
eight.Surface treatment:Sprucing,plating,shot blasting,heat treatment ,etc
9.Inspection and test: Foundry in home, third part inspection, Material report, UT, MT, RT, and PT,etc..
10.Packing and shipping: Stand export packing20day make model & sample Delivery time against your quantity.
11.Casting service: Your logo, character, trade name, number, etc can be cast on the surface clearly.

OEM CZPT Metal Die Casting Transmission Equipment Box for Automobile Elements

Generation information:
one.Content: GGG40.
3.Excess weight:3.4kg.
four.Technological method: Sand casting+CNC Machining.
five.Inspection: mechanical homes, leaking cost-free examination performed by in-home or third social gathering
6.Use: Submersible pump body.

OEM CZPT Metal Die Casting Transmission Gear Box for Vehicle Components

Creation capability:
OEM CZPT Die Casting H2o Pump for Car Areas
one.Ductile Iron Castings:
molding process: Resin sand/Green Sand
Content: EN-GJS-400-15/EN-GJS-five hundred-seven/EN-GJS-600-3/EN-GJS-seven-hundred-two
Molding: Hand molding/Molding machine Z145/146/148/Molding line.
Possible Heat Treatment: Annealing
The market included: Municipal CZPT / Fluid
Part unit weight range: 0. 5kg-2000kgs
Max/Min wall thickness requirements: 4mm-250mm
CZPTr Certification: ISO9001(2000)/ TS16949
OEM CZPT Steel Casting Drinking water Pump for Automobile Parts
2. Grey iron castings: 
1) molding process: Green sand/Resin sand
two) Material: EN-GJL-one hundred fifty/DIN 1691 GG-fifteen, EN-GJL-two hundred/DIN 1691-GG20, EN-GJL-250/DIN1691-GG25
, EN-GJL-300/DIN1691-GG30
three) Molding: Hand molding/ Molding machine Z145/146/148/Molding line.
4) The market concerned: Municipal industry/CZPT Fluid industry/CZPT industry
5) Part unit weight range: 0.5kg-2000kgs
6) Max/Min wall thickness requirements: 4mm
7) CZPTr Certification: ISO9001(2000)/ TS16949
OEM CZPT Steel Die Casting Transmission Equipment Box for Vehicle Parts

OEM CZPT Steel Die Casting Transmission Gear Box for Automobile Elements
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OEM CZPT Die Casting Water Pump for Auto Parts
Q: Why choose Shengao products?
A: We shengao have our own plant-
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Q: Do you provide OEM Service?
A: Yes, we provide OEM Service.
Q: Do you provide CZPT transmission gearbox?
A: Yes. Customers give us drawings and specifications, and we will 
     manufacture accordingly.

Q: What is your payment term?
A: We provide kinds of payment terms such as L/C, T/T, Paypal, Escrow, etc

OEM Spiral Bevel Cylindrical Pinion Planetary Helical Worm Transmission Gearbox Housing