PE Plastic Solid Wall Pipe Extrusion Line

PE Plastic Solid Wall Pipe Extrusion Line

PE CZPT Reliable wall Jacket Pipe Extrusion Line

HDPE strain Pipe Extrusion Line is a pipe extrusion line created by HSD company through assimilate and master technologies launched from CZPTe. It is applicable for extrusion of PE, PP, PB, PERT, Abs and so forth. 
CZPT Pipes produced by this line has superb stiffness, overall flexibility, large mechanical energy, resistance of environmental tension cracks, resistance to creep deformation, heat-linkage and so on. It has turn out to be the very first selection for the town fuel pipe, water supply pipe, foundation pipe, landfill collection pipe, watermain, geothermal heating etc.

HDPE pipe extruding line composed of solitary screw extruder and corresponding auxiliaries, can create all types of tiny diameter HDPE plastic pipes continuously. It also can be used to make PS, PP, HDPE plastic pipes after replacing the screw. HDPE plastic pipe is widely utilised for liquid conveying in agricultural, chemical market, building market, and so on.

HDPE pipe extruding line is primarily composed of one screw extruder, die-head, vacuum forming tank, spray cooling tank, haul-off device, slicing unit, and pneumatic discharging frame.

1. Solitary CZPT Extruder
Single screw extruder is composed of AC motor, challenging toothed floor reduction gear, extruding system, heating and cooling method, and electrical controlling component. AC motor transfer the electricity to reduction gearbox by way of V-belt wheel and make screw rotate at specific pace to adapt to extruding all sorts of plastics.
2. Die-Head
Die-head is primarily composed of mandril, neck mould, spiral physique, go over, die-head body, bolts, and heating rings. The inside area touching with plastic resources is polished and chrome plated to make certain plastic materials movement easily and to ensure no rusting. The uniformity of pipe wall thickness can be altered by bolts. The copper calibrating sleeve fastened in die-head is mainly used to awesome down the refreshing pipe and to calibrate the pipe outer diameter.
3. Vacuum Forming Tank
Vacuum forming tank is largely composed of body, stainless metal tank, vacuum method, spray cooling technique, back and forth cell unit. When it is at perform, the vacuum pump exhausts the air from the sealed tank to pressurize the new pipe cling to calibrating copper sleeve and to understand calibrating the pipe outer diameter. Spray cooling method is utilised to amazing down the extruded pipe by h2o. Spray nozzles spray cooling drinking water from all instructions on pipe floor to amazing down the pipe immediately.
4. Drinking water CZPT Tank
Water cooling tank is mainly composed of body, stainless steel tank, and spray cooling method. Spray cooling technique is utilized to awesome down the pipe additional and to recognize cooling entirely and forming.
5. Caterpillar Haul-off CZPT
Haul-off device is largely composed of driving unit, haul-off chain caterpillar, clamping composition, adjusting program, side plate, and basis bed. Haul-off caterpillars are AC motor pushed and undertake frequency management of pace to adapt to various pipes extruding speed. It is also outfitted with automatic duration measuring gadget to recognize cutter cutting at set duration.
six. No-Dust Cutter
It adopts blade punching basic principle to comprehend no-dust cutting. It is mainly composed of cutting system, clamping gadget, framework synchronous cellular gadget, and body.
seven. Discharging Body
The table area is created of stainless metal. It adopts pneumatic overturn and discharging automatically.

Model Pipe diameter CZPT KiloWatt Output Dimension of line
SPEG-sixty three 20-63mm SJ65X30 120kw a hundred and twenty-160kg/h 26X1.8X3M
SPEG-250 75-250mm SJ90X30 180kw 350-400kg/h 40X3X3M
SPEG-630 315-630mm SJ120X30 315kw seven-hundred-900kg/h 60X3X3M

Firm Information
HangZhou HuaShiDa CZPTry Co., Ltd. Was proven Large & New CZPT CZPT Location of HangZhou, China in 2003. HSD’s factory covers the area 34000 sq. meter in Jin-ling CZPT Park, Chenyang District, HangZhou, China.

Our goods mainly include
Solitary CZPT Extruder & Twins Conical Extruder
Vacuum Calibrating pre-insulated pipe outdoors HDPE casing Extrusion line
sixteen-800mm One/multi layer HDPE Pipe Extrusion Line
two hundred-3000mm HDPE Spiral Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line
Fiberglass strengthened PP-R Pipe Co-extrusion line
CZPT Sheet/ Plate One/multi layer Extrusion Line
PVC Fiber & Metal Wire Bolstered Hose Line
Hand Extruder / CZPTtro-fusion Welder
Warmth Shrinkable sleeves (Standard design & Fiber Reinforced type)
CZPTtro-fusion Girth Welding joint closure & CZPTtro-fusion welded belt


PE Plastic Solid Wall Pipe Extrusion Line