Pet Granulating Machine with Low-Viscosity Thermoplastics

Pet Granulating Machine with Low-Viscosity Thermoplastics

A. Description:
Fully automatica PET characteristic viscosity can be controlled extremely properly without having complicated precrystallization dryer program. The IV drops much less then .03 during the total generation approach. And the IV can be improved by introducing some suited additives.

Semi-submerged strand pelletising programs are used to pelletise technological thermoplastics this kind of as PET. Uncomplicated operation and minimal labour specifications add to the extremely large diploma of operational reliability.

Effortless commence-up, quick cleansing when shifting above material and automated self-feeding if strand breaks take place make these programs indispensable. Built-in crystallisation is also possible for PET.

B. Normal elements of PET Granulating CZPT with Lower-Viscosity Thermoplastics

No. CZPT identify Qty
1 Vacumn feeder 1set
2 Compacting dryer 1set
three Horizontal discharge screw 1set
four Compelled feeding system of extruder inlet port 1set
5 Twin screw extruder 1set
six Roots vacuum program 1set
7 Double plate one doing work place hydraulic
screen changer system
8 Drinking water tank 1set
9 Underwater pelletizer 1set
10 Dewatering equipment 1set
eleven Wind transmission system 1set
twelve Silo 1set
thirteen CZPTtric handle cupboard 1set

C. Specifications of Pet Flakes Granulator For PET CZPT Recycling:

Product CT6510 CT7512 CT9516
Output 300 five hundred 1000

D.Thorough device images of PET Granulating CZPT With Low-viscosity Thermoplastics:
Vacuum feeder to feed PET flakes into the compactor dryer

Horizontal discharge screw & forced feeding technique of extruder inlet port

Twin screw extruder

Roots vacuum pump system

CZPT screen changer & strand die

PET granules

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Pet Granulating Machine with Low-Viscosity Thermoplastics