Portable Electric Sputum Aspirator for The Elderly

Portable Electric Sputum Aspirator for The Elderly

1. item description

Moveable suction device design YD-Is
one Substantial adverse stress and minimal stream
two energy offer rated voltage 220V, rated frequency 50Hz
three Enter electricity ≤90VA
four Adverse force limit .08MPa±0.01 MPa
five Range of adverse pressure the adverse stress is adjustable from .03MPa to the negative force restrict.
6 Instantaneous pumping velocity ≥15L/min
seven Noise ≤65dB(A)
eight Reservoir bottle 1000mL, a single piece
9 Blown fuse F1.5AL  250V φ5×20mm
10 Proportions 280mm×196mm×285mm
eleven Excess weight four.4kg


We have Core Attributes

  one.Oil free vacuum pump

  2.Vacuum adjustable

  3.One particular button procedure

  4.Lage potential


  six.Large vacuum

  7.Low sounds

  8.Standard areas

two.  Operating Basic principle
Schematic diagram for operating principle:

A adverse pressure is generated by the electric powered adverse stress pump in the portable sputum aspirator. The essential adverse strain is generated in the selection container and suction pipeline by way of the regulation by the damaging pressure regulation device. The force big difference between the suction part and pipeline drives the liquid/reliable to movement into the reservoir. The anti-overflow unit is installed in the reservoir to prevent the aspired liquid/sound from entering the damaging strain pump. The air filter is mounted between the aspiration container and damaging stress pump to block impurities from moving into the damaging stress pump.

3.Scope of Software:
It is intended for standard damaging pressure suction for aspiration of sputum in sufferers at a hospital or in a family members.

4. About us 


Portable Electric Sputum Aspirator for The Elderly