Portable Mine Grouting Pump Cement Grout Injection Pump

Portable Mine Grouting Pump Cement Grout Injection Pump

Portable mine grouting pump cement grout injection pump


QB152 Portable grouting pump is mainly used in mines, tunnels, water, underground, construction, bridge construction, for grouting, filling gaps, broken rock grouting, anchor grouting also used to repair roads, railway embankment boiling for local defects, as well as soft ground treatment exclude underground hazard in flood.

QB152 portable grouting pump is small size, light weight, reliable, flammable, explosive, temperature and humidity changes in the larger places are safe to use. This pump is suitable for cement grouting.

QB152 portable grouting pump is consisted of pump cylinder, cylinder larger piston, valve assembly, cylinder head, intake control switch and a drop quick connectors and other components.


Model: QB152 Transportable grouting device
Air force: .four-.63Mpa
Piston travel: 100mm 
Discharge pressure: 3.2mpa
Output flow:  30L/min
Air consumption: .28m³/min 
Cylinder diameter: 152mm 
Ventilation pipe diameter: 3/4″
Excess weight: 36kg
Packing dimension: sixty five*71*76cm

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Portable Mine Grouting Pump Cement Grout Injection Pump