Pressure Therapy Body Slimming Machine

Pressure Therapy Body Slimming Machine

Stress treatment body slimming machine (Stand variety):




Voltage:  AC200-240V/50Hz  AC100-120V/60Hz

Watt:  80W

Air pump: Output: 25L/min , Force: .571Mpa

Wire Length: one.8m

Plug Normal: Can be altered to customer’s necessity

Substance: Iron & PVC

Certification: CE certificate,Rohs certification. 




Air lymphatic detoxin remedy is a treatment method extensively used in entire body fluid,beauty and physical treatment method. By air strain therapy, The device can enhance lymphatic and blood circulation then drain out undesirable substancesin physique, as a result effectively increase fatness of edema cellulite, tighten slack muscle mass and restore overall flexibility of muscle fibre

This device requires human body slimming, peace, and detoxification capabilities in 1. It has outfits, each and every fabric with air bags, strainers. Air bags are symmetrical. There is each all around the midsection and belly. Also symmetrical from best to bottom on the legs. Can freely utilize on each portion which is necessary being overweight elimination.





Human body styles Tone human body muscle groups

Physique slimming

Bodily treatment for lymphatic


Cellulites lowering.

Get rid of fat for legs,chill out the total body 
Air stress detoxin,beautifying physique and skin 
Lymph drainage,body slimming




Air match: one.

Air bag: 16pcs

Size:  XL  XXL

Colour: blue,  silvery

Pressure Therapy Body Slimming Machine