PVC Window and Door Profile Extrusion Machine

PVC Window and Door Profile Extrusion Machine

1. discription of PVC window and doorway profile extrusion device

a, plastic pvc profiles extrusion line is specializing in creating PVC plastic profiles such as doorways and home windows profiles, ornamental plates, very small foaming profiles and decorative plates.

b, pvc profile equipment uses PVC powder as material to generate different types of the talked about plastic profiles as profiles for doorways and windows, attractive profiles, and many others.

c, By Absorbing superior technological innovation from overseas, our organization developed the huge plastic profile extrusion line, which is outfitted with conical double-screw extruder, and it possesses the advantages of higher diploma automation, steady efficiency, higher output and effectiveness, and many others.

d, If adjust specified screw and mould, the pvc profile equipment can directly extrude foaming profiles, and the impact is significantly better than that of one-screw.

e, pvc profile extrusion line is optimumly created by referring to the most current overseas technological innovation, it bears the attributes of even plasticization, reduced chopping price, large output, and lengthy lifespan, and so forth. And it composes conical double-screw extruder, vacuum sizing platform, tractor, reducing and film coating machine and material stirring bracket,and so on.

f, The pvc profile machine is run by alternating existing frequency controller or direct recent controllable silicon. The temperature controlling instrument is introduced from overseas. In addition, the vacuum pump and traction motor of the auxiliary equipment are good quality products which can be taken care of simply

g, To match with different moulds, the shape-correcting system of 4m, 6m, 8m or 11m, etc. can be selected appropriately. The primary device with parallel double-screw is especially ideal for high-speed extrusion of a variety of sorts of profiles.

2. CZPTent types of PVC window and door profile extrusion machine

Product SJSZ-51/a hundred and five SJSZ-65/132 SJSZ-80/156 SJSZ-ninety two/188
Total Energy(kw) 25 sixty four one hundred fifteen 168
Max profile with (mm) 200mm 400mm 900mm 1500
Profile merchandise electric power truck,property deractive line,small profiles window and doorway profile,wall panel,ceiling panel doorway panel,home furniture panel door panel,furnishings panel

three. details of PVC window and doorway profile extrusion machine

Product CZPT  Notes
primary equipment CZPT feeder CZPT feeding
Extruder Conical double screw extruder
Die head and mould CZPT
Calibrating machine 6m/8m/10m/12m
Haul off machine double caterpillar
Slicing machine Automobile set size reducing
Merchandise stacker Vehicle stacker
auxilary machine mixer  blend all material 
crusher for recycle wastage
CZPT supply compressed air
laminating/hot stamping device surface therapy
h2o chiller give chilling drinking water

a. connical double screw extruder with vehicle loader
machine model: SJSZ51/105,  sixty five/132,  eighty/156,  ninety two/188
motor: SIEMENS
inverter: ABB
temperature controller: SIEMENS

b. die device and mold 
substance: 3Cr17, tempering HRC28-32, ensure anti-rust, hardness and provider lifestyle
Calibrator dimension: 240mm or 320mm
Amount of calibrator segment:one or 2 or 3 or four sets in accordance to item measurement shape
Drinking water tank size: 2000mm or 4000mm, fiber glass board, equipment are manufactured of stainless steel

c. vacuum calibrating desk
duration: 6m,8m,10m,12m
content of area: 304 stainless steel 
vacuum pump included 
water pump provided

d. haul off and cutting device
haul off with double gear box 
haul off managed by ABB inverter
observed blade cutting 
dust collector incorporated

e. surface area therapy machine:
primarily laminating is employed for pvc window and door profile

f. ASA co extrusion can be achived on the internet to get picket grain surface 
ASA co extrusion to get picket grain

g. pvc seal extruded on-line is possible 
you can extrude pvc seal gasket online

h. by adjust mould, you can get different pvc window and doorway profiles

four. by modify mildew, same device can generate the following products:
wall panel, skirting, window frame, door body,decorative profile


PVC Window and Door Profile Extrusion Machine