Qbk-80 Water Treatment Air Operated Self-Priming Sewage Pump

Qbk-80 Water Treatment Air Operated Self-Priming Sewage Pump

QBK-eighty Water Therapy
Air Operated Self-priming Sewage Pump

QBK sequence air operated diaphragm pump is pushed by air, it is a type of constructive displacement pump which volume modifications induced by compressing diaphragms in the two facet. Our pump has the identical efficiency of GRACO/HUSKEY pump’s, so all internal equipment can be replaced of it. This diaphragm pump is commonly employed for  submersible pump in chemical market, simply because of it is protected without power source.

CZPT Parameter

Model  QBK-eighty
Inlet/outlet Dia. mm eighty
inch 3
Max. Flow  m3/h 63.6
L/min 1060
Head m -eighty four
Max.Suction stroke m 8
Max. Particle Dia. mm 9.4
Max. Air CZPT Pressure kg/cm2 8.four
Max. Air Usage m3/min nine.eight


1.CZPT business: a variety of types of emulsion, stuffing, rubber slurry, abrasive content, corrosive. CZPTeum, mud, harmful, inflammable and explosive liquid, and hugely acidic, simple and corrosive medium.
two.CZPT sector: sewage cleaning on oil tank and barge, and the transportation of higher temperature liquid. The maximum liquid temperature can be 150ºC.
three.Ceramic market: numerous variety of glaze slip for tile, porcelain, brick and pottery.
four.CZPTal protection and wastewater therapy market: this QBK air operated diaphragm pump can be matched with plate-and-frame filler press for sewage treatment.

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Qbk-80 Water Treatment Air Operated Self-Priming Sewage Pump