Qvc Type Pneumatic Vacuum Material Loading Machine Qvc-2

Qvc Type Pneumatic Vacuum Material Loading Machine Qvc-2

QVC Sort CZPT Vacuum Content Loading CZPT QVC-2


QVC Collection CZPT vacuum loading device is utilized in automated content for Pill Press equipment, Pulverizing machine, capsule filling equipment, Display screen equipment, Packing equipment, Pulverizing equipment, Display machine and Mixing device and so on. It isn’t going to require any mechanical vacuum pump, so it is straightforward construction, modest quantity, with no restoring, no sound and effortless becoming managed. It can be stopped separating layer for the feeding content since the equipment has higher vacuum. QVC Collection CZPT Vacuum Conveyor was made according to international CZPT. It is simple cleaned and beautiful. It satisfies GMP necessity.


Fix the dilemma extensively about the separating layer of substance.
The sintered-metallic filter is Japanese CZPT.
It can be eliminated the substance static electrical power.
It is airtight with out crossed contamination.
It is created in great good quality stainless steel(304 and 316L).
It is manufactured in non-poisonous and corrosion resistant content.
CZPT is easy cleaned.
It is managed intelligently and instantly.
It is straightforward dismantled with constructing blocks structure.
It is straightforward established up and tiny volume, the fat is gentle
It is no sounds and screening
It is cost-effective and sensible the expense is reduced.

Working Theory

Vacuum feeder is a vacuum loading equipment by making use of pneumatic vacuum pump as vacuum resource. With this vacuum feeder supplies could be fed directly from container into mixer, reactor, hopper, sheet push, packing equipment, vibrating griddle, pellet trimming equipment, hydro-state pelleter, dry-point out pelleter and disintegrator. To use this feeder could lighten workers’ labor depth, place an finish to powder air pollution and guarantee that the generation method meets GMP demands.
When “ON/OFF” important is pressed, compressed air will get into vacuum pump and the discharge of the hopper, pushed by pneumatic cylinder, is closed, vacuum is set up in hopper. Vacuum feeder will form an air recent underneath vacuum. Operated by this air current, substance is fed to vacuum hopper via hose. Right after a period of time (feeding time, adjustable) compressed air is cut off, pneumatic vacuum pump could not produce vacuum and the discharge of the hopper, pushed by pneumatic cylinder, gets open, the vacuum in vacuum feeder disappears, and content is immediately discharged from the discharge into the obtaining device (this sort of as sheet press and packing machine). Meanwhile, the compressed air saved in the air tank blows the filter in reverse to make the filter cleaned immediately. Right after a period of time (discharge time, adjustable) compressed air is restarted, pneumatic vacuum pump generates vacuum, discharge is shut, vacuum feeder feeds substance once more, in this way the feeder operates in cycles to make the substance fed into receiving machine constantly.
For the vacuum feeder with materials stage management automatic feeding is realized with the hopper of the substance-obtaining equipment by way of content level handle. When the substance amount is higher than a position in the hopper of the materials-getting equipment, vacuum feeder stops feeding, but when he material level is reduced than a place in the hopper, vacuum feeder starts off feeding routinely. And feeding on the material-receiving equipment is therefore finished.

Product Potential
Compressed air 
Pressure of 
Supplied Air
QVC-one 350 180 .4_.six Φ140×560
QVC-2 seven-hundred 360 .four_.six Φ213×720
QVC-3 1500 720 .four_.six Φ290×850 
QVC-4 3000 1440 .four_.6 Φ420×1150
QVC-five 6000 2880 .4_.6 Φ420×1150
QVC-six 9000 4320 .four_.six Φ420×1350
1. Compressed air should be oil-free and water-free.
two. The feeding capacity has been determined by feeding distance 
and feature of products.
three.The feeding capacities are greatly different with different materials.


Qvc Type Pneumatic Vacuum Material Loading Machine Qvc-2