Re501 Re Series Rotary Evaporator with Vacuum Pump

Re501 Re Series Rotary Evaporator with Vacuum Pump

HangZhou Kori CZPT Manufacturing facility market Vacuum Rotary Evaporator with distinct dimensions from 1L,2L,3L,5L,10L,20L,30L,50L

Rotary vacuum evaporators rotary evaporator (or rotavap /rotovap)are effective laboratory distillation units for purposes like CZPT solvent distillations, concentration of reaction mass or options, separation of solvents from extracts, crystallization and powder drying. It constantly utilised in numerous massive industrials, like but not limited to: CZPT, CZPTnology, chemicals, cosmestics and a lot of much more .

Please see far more information about Rotary evaproator Vacuum Rotovap 5L 

Vacuum rotary evaporator rotovap details 

Rotary evaporator CZPT Data

1L 2L Rotary evaporator 

Design RE-201D
CZPT Flask (L) 1
Gathering CZPT (L) .five
Vacuum(Mpa) -.098
Stirring Velocity(RPM) -a hundred and twenty
Temperature Variety Area~200ºC
Stirring Electrical power(W) thirty
Bath Energy(KW) one.five
Tem.Accuracy ±1ºC
CZPT Voltage(V) 220V/50Hz
Dimension(L*W*HMM) 700*450*920

3L Rotary evaporator 

Model RE-301
CZPT Flask (L) three
Gathering CZPT (L) 1
Vacuum(Mpa) -.098
Stirring Speed(RPM) -120
Temperature Variety Space~200ºC
Stirring Electrical power(W) thirty
Tub Power(KW) 1.5
Tem.Precision ±1ºC
CZPT Voltage(V) 220V/50Hz
Measurement(L*W*HMM) 680*450*920

5L Rotary evaporator 

Model RE-501
CZPT Flask (L) 5
Gathering CZPT (L) three
Vacuum(Mpa) -.098
Stirring Velocity(RPM) -120
Temperature Assortment Room~200ºC
Stirring Energy(W) 30
Bathtub Energy(KW) 1.five
Tem.Accuracy ±1ºC
CZPT Voltage(V) 220V/50Hz
Measurement(L*W*HMM) 820*400*1100

If you want big size Rotary evaporator, we have 10L 20L 30L and 50L 

For Vacuum Rotary evaporator 10L 20L 30L 50L , Rotary evaporator with Explosion proof is optional with far more protection

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Re501 Re Series Rotary Evaporator with Vacuum Pump