Replacement Rexroth Axial Piston Variable Pump A4vsg40 A4vsg71 A4vsg125 A4vsg180 A4vsg250 A4vsg355 A4vsg500 A4vsg750 A4vsg1000

Replacement Rexroth Axial Piston Variable Pump A4vsg40 A4vsg71 A4vsg125 A4vsg180 A4vsg250 A4vsg355 A4vsg500 A4vsg750 A4vsg1000

Product Details 

Depth Design Variety(The pursuing types are for reference only, make sure you make contact with us for more specifics)

R987367850 A4VG one hundred eighty EP0D1/32R-NSD02F001DH-S
R900058312 A4VG 180 EP2D1/32L-NZD02FO01P
R9005711 A4VG 180 EP2D1/32L-PSD02FO11S
R900 0571 1 A4VG a hundred and eighty EP2D1/32L-PSD02FO21S
R90571264 A4VG one hundred eighty EP2D1/32R-NZD02F001D
R90571857 A4VG a hundred and eighty EP2D1/32R-NZD02F001P-S
R905714036 A4VG 180 EP2D1/32R-NZD02F011D
R90571465 A4VG one hundred eighty EP2D1/32R-NZD02F041P
R90057158 A4VG one hundred eighty EP2D1/32R-PZD02F001S
R900064753 A4VG 180 EP2D1/32R-PZD02F011D
R90057157 A4VG one hundred eighty EP2D1/32R-PZD02F721S
R905714503 A4VG one hundred eighty EP2DM2 /32R-NTD02F071D
R90057189 A4VG one hundred eighty EP2DMT1/32R-NZD02F741M
R987346059 A4VG one hundred eighty EP4D2-32LNZD02F041SH-S SAS57150
R987319743 A4VG 180 EP4D2/32R-NZD02F001BP
R905712386 A4VG a hundred and eighty EZ2DM1/32L-NZF02FO01K
R905712385 A4VG a hundred and eighty EZ2DM1/32R-NZD02F731K
R905717375 A4VG one hundred eighty HDD1/32R-NZD02FO01D
R905714969 A4VG one hundred eighty HDDT1/32R-NZD02F071S
R957176965 A4VG180DA1D3L/32R-NZD02F001SH
R957103628 A4VG180DA1D8/32R-NZD02F041FQ
R957197558 A4VG180DA1DM3L/32R-NZD02F041SH
R957104981 A4VG180DA1DT7/32R-NZD02F571FP-S
R957170184 A4VG180DA1DT7/32R-NZD02F041FP-S
R909601890 A4VG180DA2D2/31L-NZD02F001D
R909448790 A4VG180DA2D2/31R-PFD02FXX1D-S
R909446379 A4VG180DA2D2/31R-PSD02F241D *G*
R909448789 A4VG180DA2D2/31R-PZD02F711D
R909657142 A4VG180DA2D2/31R-PZD02F711F
R909446378 A4VG180DA2D2/31R-PZD02F721D *G*
R909601415 A4VG180DA2D2/31R-PZD02FXX1L-S
R957101802 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NSD02F001DT
R957120369 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NSD02F001DT
R957149573 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NSD02F691LH
R957133262 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NSD02F691LH
R957170069 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NSD02F691LH
R957193803 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NSD02F691LH
R957119298 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NTD02F691DH
R957134876 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NZD02F001D
R957153777 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NZD02F001DH
R957179951 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NZD02F001LH
R957103259 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NZD02F001SH
R95717139 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NZD02F001SH
R957150966 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NZD02F001SH
R95717 0571 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NZD02F001SH
R957115255 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NZD02F001SP
R957153410 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NZD02F571SH
R957193017 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NZD02F041SH
R957103266 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NZD02F041SH
R957193046 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NZD02F041SH
R957101624 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NZD02F041SH
R957103034 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NZD02F041SH
R957166151 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NZD02F041SH
R957190060 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NZD02F041SH
R957104974 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NZD02F041SH
R957196032 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NZD02F041SP
R957103267 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NZD02F071SH
R957193018 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NZD02F071SH
R957153034 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NZD02F071SH
R957197690 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NZD02F071SH
R957154256 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NZD02F071SH
R957188321 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NZD02F071SH
R957133740 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NZD02F071SH
R957170068 A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NZD02F721LH
R9571 0571 six A4VG180DA2D2/32L-NZD02F721LH
R957193646 A4VG180DA2D2/32R+A11VO60DRS/10R
R957101876 A4VG180DA2D2/32R+A4VG180DGD1/32R
R9096 0571 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NFD02FXX1D-S
R957126195 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NFD02FXX1D-S
R909613229 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NSD02F001S
R957126205 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NSD02F001S-S
R957153094 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NSD02F571DH
R909613230 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NSD02F571S
R957126206 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NSD02F571S-S
R957181926 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NSD02F691DH
R957170052 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NSD02F691LH
R909613622 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NSD02FXX1D-S
R957126203 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NSD02FXX1D-S
R957106164 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NSD02FXX1DH-S
R957103072 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NTD02F691DH
R957199983 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NTD02F691DH
R957153093 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NTD02F721DH
R957168644 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NZD02F001DP
R957194712 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NZD02F001DP
R957168018 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NZD02F001LH
R957126204 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NZD02F001S
R909613692 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NZD02F001S
R957153780 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NZD02F001SH
R957126208 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NZD02F011S
R957102625 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NZD02F011S
R957197785 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NZD02F011SH
R957153781 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NZD02F011SH
R957151004 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NZD02F011SH
R957193987 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NZD02F571BP
R957137006 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NZD02F571S
R957153783 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NZD02F571SH
R957108411 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NZD02F041DH
R957183824 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NZD02F041LH
R957159031 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NZD02F041SH
R957174290 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NZD02F041SH


Product variety Control Manner Specification Doing work force Characteristic
A4VG NV kind, no management system
DG-hydraulic manage, immediate manage
EZ-CZPTtric Two-Position Management, Switched CZPTtromagnet
High definition-hydraulic control, relevant to pilot pressur
HW-CZPT Management, CZPT Servo
EP-CZPTtrical Control with Proportional CZPTtromagnet
DA – CZPT management, connected to deceleration
28,40,fifty six,seventy one,90,
one hundred twenty five,a hundred and eighty,250
Common force: 40MPa,
Peak pressure: 45MPa
Swashplate Axial Plunger Variable Pump for Shut Loop Hydrostatic Transmission
Circulation charge is proportional to driving pace and displacement and can be variable steplessly.
The movement charge increases from zero to its greatest with the swashplate swing angle.
_The liquid movement direction can be altered effortlessly by creating the swashplate swing more than the center.
Variable modes that are very easily matched with a variety of handle and regulation systems
The pump is geared up with two aid valves at the large strain oil aspect to shield the hydrostatic transmission (pump and motor) from overloading.
High strain aid valve also has the purpose of filling valve.
Created-in auxiliary pumps are used as refueling pumps and management pumps.
The optimum filling stress is restricted by a built-in filling relief valve.
Full sequence with constructed-in force shut-off valves
Security guidelines
1,  A4VG pump is made for use in closed circuit.
– The venture plHangZhou, installation and commissioning of the axial piston device must be carried out by experienced staff.
2, Before employing the axial plunger unit, make sure you read through the corresponding manual completely. If essential, you can get it from Bosch CZPT.
– Throughout and soon soon after operation, there could be a danger of burning of the axial piston device (specially the electromagnet). 
three,Proper protection steps (such as putting on protecting clothing) must be taken.
– The traits of the axial plunger unit could range with different operating problems (working force, oil temperature).                  
Function pipeline oil Port:
1,Oil nozzles and mounted threads are created for greatest recommended strain. CZPT or system companies must make certain that the protection issue of connecting parts and pipes meets the specified working problems (strain, stream, hydraulic oil, temperature).
2,Function pipeline nozzles and purposeful nozzles are only employed in hydraulic pipelines.
three,The data and guidelines contained below must be adopted.
four,The product can not be authorized as a component that follows the general mechanical basic safety concept of ISO 13849.
Set up bolts:
1,For set up bolts with ISO metric threads in accordance with DIN thirteen CZPT and with ASME B1.1 CZPT threads, we recommend that the tightening torque of each and every box be checked according to VDI 2230.
Thread holes in the axial plunger unit:
1,The highest allowable tightening torque MG Max is the maximum worth for the inner threaded holes and shall not exceed that benefit.

Far more Specifics About Us

CZPT service 1.We can support consumers layout specific items or produce products according to buyers’design
2.We can print brand according to buyers’ need
our rewards one.We are one particular of the most total hydraulic pump add-ons makers in the china, we have been engaged in hydraulic pump accessories for more than ten years.
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Buyer Provider

1.You could email us through the make in china messaging system if you have a issue

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two. CZPTly, e-mail will be responded to inside 24 several hours apart from on every single Sunday

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four. Positive opinions is quite critical to us.

Supply Specifics
one.We can pick different techniques of transportation according to the wants of the clients, possibly by professional express or by air and sea.
2.The delivery cycle of components is typically about 1 months,but we have many spare components in stock
, the supply cycle of the pump is normally one particular to three weeks, relying on which product.
CZPTions you perhaps inquiry

Q1:Could you personalized products?

A:We can manufacture it in accordance to your drawings or samples.

Q2: I want to acquire your items, how can I shell out?

A :You can pay through T/T , WEST UNION or other payment phrases we reach arrangement.

Q3: How can you assure the good quality?

A: 1 year’s guarantee towards B/L day.

If You fulfill with good quality issue, we promise to dependable for it.

Q4: If we never uncover what we want on your website, what must we do?

A: You can electronic mail us the descriptions and photos of the items you need, We will check whether or not we can make it.

Q5: Can we get 1 pc of each and every product for quality testing?

A: Indeed, we recognize quality take a look at is critical and we are glad to send 1pc for top quality tests.

Q6: What is the lead time?

A: For this solution, generally three days,3 times and lead time is calculated from the working day we obtain your deposit.




Replacement Rexroth Axial Piston Variable Pump A4vsg40 A4vsg71 A4vsg125 A4vsg180 A4vsg250 A4vsg355 A4vsg500 A4vsg750 A4vsg1000