Roots Type Pump for Vacuum Distillation

Roots Type Pump for Vacuum Distillation

Roots Vacuum Pump cannot be used individually. It can be used with the vacuum system which composes of the backing pump such as Rotary Piston Vacuum Pump, CZPT Dry Vacuum Pump, Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump and Water Ring Vacuum Pump in order to reach a better vacuum, higher exhausting efficiency,lower power consumption. Roots Vacuum Pump is not sensitive to dust and steam,so is suitable for pumping with a small amount of dust and the gas containing more steam.As the chamber of Roots Vacuum Pump is lubrication-totally free,the vacuum system will be polluted by oilit is combined with CZPT Vacuum Pump to compose oil-free vacuum system, which can be widely used in electronics, medicine, chemical industry, food, coating , metallurgy ect.
one. High efficiency, low power consumption, small size, light weight, little vibration and low noise
2. Appropriate structure, functioning efficiency, easy maintenance and high reliability and durability
3. ZJP Roots Vacuum Pump with the overload protection and the wider working range


Model Displacement
Ultimate Partial 
Ultimate Total 
Rate with Zero 
Motor Power
50Hz 60Hz
ZJ-75 75 ninety .03
With Double stages
totary piston 
vacuum pump
With Double 
stages totary 
piston vacuum pump
10000 35 2.2 a hundred 100
ZJ-110 110 132 ten thousand 35 two.two one hundred 100
ZJ-a hundred and fifty a hundred and fifty a hundred and eighty 8000 forty three 100 one hundred
ZJ-220 220 264 8000 40 three,4 a hundred a hundred
ZJ-three hundred three hundred 360 8000 forty four two hundred one hundred
ZJ-600 600 720 5000 forty five five.5,7.five 220 one hundred fifty
ZJ-1200 1200 1440 5000 50 eleven,fifteen 250 two hundred
ZJ-1800 1800 2160 3000 fifty fifteen 250 200
ZJ-2500 2500 3000 3000 50 eighteen.5,22 three hundred 250
ZJ-5000 5000 6000 3000 55 37 400 300
ZJP-a hundred and fifty a hundred and fifty a hundred and eighty .05
With single 
stage rotary 
piston Vacuum pump
With single stage 
rotary piston 
Vacuum pump
8000 forty three one hundred a hundred
ZJP-220 220 264 8000 forty 3,4 a hundred 100
ZJP-three hundred three hundred 360 8000 forty four 150 a hundred
ZJP-600 600 720 5000 forty five five.five,seven.five two hundred a hundred and fifty
ZJP-1200 1200 1440 5000 fifty eleven,15 250 two hundred
ZJP-1800 1800 2160 3000 fifty 15 250 two hundred
ZJP-2500 2500 3000 3000 fifty 18.five,22 300 250
ZJP-5000 5000 6000 3000 55 37 400 300

Notice: The displacement ratios selection, so called”matching”, between the Roots Vacuum Pump and the backing pumps which are based on the working vacuum value of the vacuum system with these pumps, which not only ensure that the max pressure difference should not exceed “Max.Allowed Pressure CZPTence”under long term running, but also must guarantee the Roots Vacuum Pump being in a larger working range, as well as the backing vacuum pumps working properly.

ZJ-1800DV ROOTS VACUUM PUMP Composition:

Widely used in production and development of new materials,new technologies new process for vacuum coating,vacuum metallurgy, vacuum heat treatment,vacuum impregnation,vacuum drying, vacuum distillation,vacuum kneading,aerospace simulation experiments.
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Roots Type Pump for Vacuum Distillation