Sand Sludge Mud Sewage Submerisble Centrifugal Pump

Sand Sludge Mud Sewage Submerisble Centrifugal Pump

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An Pump CZPTry is your ideal submersible sewage pump manufaturer!

Pump Description
Filthy Water Waste Water Submersible Sewage Pump Feature:                                                                                                       
ASW series submersible sewage pump is absorbed in the QW on the foundation of comparable products at residence and abroad superior technology and characteristics, utilizing the most outstanding hydraulic model, specific buildings and components, mixed with sewage effluent qualities and the genuine wants of the most developed at residence and abroad sophisticated, most function-full “3rd generation” of new sewage pump, its efficiency and overall performance are outstanding to equivalent merchandise at property and abroad.

The pump has a higher performance vitality-saving, non-blocking, anti-winding, extended existence and other notable features can be set up with an automatic coupling gadget. And a frequent sort, car-mixing kind, car-shredding kind, vehicle-mixing chopped-and anti-flushing-sort five kinds of versions.

In accordance to marketplace requirements, the electric pump is divided into frequent type (excluding the ultra-gentle leakage
security unit) and complete insurance coverage-type two kinds. Entire insurance policies-type submersible sewage pump must
an pump supporting the use of focused handle cupboard to accomplish the perfect outcomes.

Submersible pumps ability desk:   

No Sewage pump  Type  (mm)
Outlet dia.
28 80ASW43-thirteen-3 80 22 fourteen.five 2900 three
43 thirteen
fifty two 11
29 80ASW45-22-five.five 80 23 24.2 2900 5.5
forty five 22
fifty three.5 19.eight
30 80ASW50-10-three 80 35 eleven.5 2900 3
fifty 10
sixty eight
31 80ASW50-twenty five-7.5 eighty 35 26.5 2900 seven.five
50 twenty five
sixty 23.5
32 80ASW30-13-4 80 42 14.5 2900 four
sixty 13
72 11
33 100ASW50-22-seven.5 100 35 23.5 1450 seven.5
fifty 22
60 twenty.five
34 100ASW65-fifteen-5.five a hundred 45.five 17.five 1450 5.five
sixty five 15
seventy eight twelve
35 100ASW80-9-four a hundred fifty six eleven 1450 4
eighty 9
ninety seven
36 100ASW80-twenty-seven.5 100 56 22.5 1450 seven.5
eighty twenty
ninety six 17
37 100ASW100-7-4 100 70 9.four 1450 4
a hundred 7
one hundred twenty 5.6
38 100ASW100-fifteen-seven.5 a hundred 70 17.5 1450 seven.5
one hundred 15
a hundred and twenty 12.five

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CZPTazhuang An Pump Co., Ltd, the main pump items like slurry pump, desulfurization pump, gravel pump, sewage pump, impurity pump, split pump with huge potential, multistage pump with hjgh elevate, centrifugal water pump and self priming pump, could meet up with numerous demands of all the clients

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Sand Sludge Mud Sewage Submerisble Centrifugal Pump