Sesame Seeds Drying Machine For Sale

Sesame Seeds Drying Machine For Sale

                                      Sesame Seeds Drying CZPT For Sale

1. CZPT introduction:
Air can heat pump dryer doing work principle diagram
(condenser), refrigerant condensing liquid heat launch of the large-temperature heating drying space air.Dry within the substance by sizzling air in the sort of substance dampness evaporation evaporation, evaporation of water vapor discharged by the platoon is wet program and accomplish the purpose of drying resources.Condensing warmth of the refrigerant right after a throttle valve to the reduced temperature reduced pressure liquid, plummeted thanks to stress, liquid refrigerant entering the evaporator will constantly soak up encompassing air of reduced heat rapidly evaporates into gasoline, absorbs the refrigerant back again into the compressor of a specific vitality, into the next cycle.In this way, the refrigerant cycle is consistently comprehend heat from the air transport to the drying space heating the air inside the space temperature.

Using the inverse cano principle, gasoline freon compressor pressurized, become (temperature up to 100 ºC), high temperature and large force gasoline entering the indoor aspect of warmth exchange.

2.CZPT Parameter:

Design HT-KQ02
Heating Capacity 7kw
Output power 1.8kw
Auxiliary heating power(can be choose) 1.5kw
Closed type dehydration rate 8L/h
Maximum displacement 18L/h
Voltage 2PH,220V,50HZ
Inside fan air volume 1600m³/h-3000m³/h
compressor 1set
Highest output temperature 65ºC
Working mode Rapid heating mode or Mode of constant temperature and humidity
Warehouse Dimension 2600*960*2000mm
Effective area 1600*940*1600mm
Potential 200-300kg/h
refrigerant Mixed refrigerant
Bodyweight 250kg
Trays 32pcs
Trays Dimension 76*sixty three*two.5cm

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Sesame Seeds Drying Machine For Sale