Solid Wood Fast Vacuum Drying Machine

Solid Wood Fast Vacuum Drying Machine

Strong Wooden CZPT Vacuum Drying CZPT 


Substantial-frequency vacuum drying is a constant and ongoing vacuum drying approach, which is a rapidly and safe way to dry wood. For wood drying, drying equipment, wood drying gear, vacuum drying, higher frequency drying, wooden vacuum drying, large frequency wood vacuum drying, high frequency vacuum drying working theory: soon after the electrode plate on the substance pile is linked to the higher frequency feeder The wooden amongst the two poles acts as a medium in the working capacitor in the higher-frequency oscillator circuit. Below the action of the large-frequency electrical discipline, the h2o molecules in the wooden are polarized and swiftly oscillate, and the molecules rub in opposition to every other to produce a large amount of warmth. The wooden is heated speedily. Considering that the pile is put in a unfavorable stress surroundings, the moisture in the wood will likely to rely on the big differential stress formed inside and outside the wooden to swiftly movement to the floor of the wooden underneath reduced water articles gradient situations, and at lower temperature circumstances. Discharged speedily. The drained h2o is pumped out by a vacuum pump to let the wooden to dry quickly.

Higher-frequency vacuum drying equipment attributes:

one. Large efficiency: substantial-frequency heating, warmth for equally inside of and outside the house at the identical time, heat evenly, quick speed.
two. Secure quality: Merged with vacuum program, decrease the boiling point of drinking water, and speedily dehydrate below the condition of vacuum and low temperature. To balance the moisture content material of the wooden and guarantee the color and dimensions of wooden.
3.Reduce stress: Equipped with urgent technique, which keeps the wooden drying procedure underneath stress, eliminates the wood anxiety,to avoid the deformation.
four. Sterilization: Insecticidal and sterilizing features.
5.CZPTal security: No “wastes” are created, which satisfies countrywide environmental protection CZPTs.
six. Versatility: Change the drying approach according to the thickness, density and dampness material of the wood, ideal for all wood drying.


Design RFY4II-20B RFY6II-20B RFY10II-50B RFY14II-60B
Capacity 4 m³ 6m³ 10m³ 14m³
Operating temperature fifty-90°C fifty-90°C fifty-90°C fifty-90°C
HF electricity ten-30KW ten-30KW 30-50KW thirty-50KW
Stacking dimension 4000*1000*1000*4m³ 6000×1000×1000 *6m³ 6000*1300*1300*10m³ 8000*1300*1300*14m³
Frequency 6.78MHZ six.78MHZ six.78MHZ six.78MHZ
Vacuum stress Restrict -.092Mpa Restrict -.092Mpa Restrict-.092Mpa Restrict -.092Mpa


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Solid Wood Fast Vacuum Drying Machine