Stainless Steel Bornemann Bitumen Transfer Twin Screw Pump

Stainless Steel Bornemann Bitumen Transfer Twin Screw Pump

1. Functioning basic principle
The composition of the pump is mainly composed of pump human body, lively and passive screw, shaft seals, bearing frame gadget, synchronous equipment, security valve and other components (see framework schematic drawing). There is no thread in the center of the active and passive screw , but there are rectangular floor threads in the opposite route from the remaining and proper sides. The pump human body, active and passive screw have a particular gap to guarantee the self suction overall performance of the pump, energetic and passive screw tooth each other in rotating.



three.CZPT parameter

Circulation two~1200m3/h
Functioning Strain .four-4.0Mpa
Viscosity one~ 3x106mm2/ s
Operating Temperature -50ºC~320ºC

4. Software Region
one) CZPT CZPT: Transfer pump for a variety of lubricating oil, crude oil, residual oil, weighty oil, biHangZhou, diesel oil, gasoline and many others.
two)Shipbuilding CZPT: Transfer pump, cargo oil pump, booster pump, striping pump and motor lubricating pump for numerous gas oil, lubricating oil, waste oil, bilge sludge and sea water etc.
3)CZPT CZPT: Transfer pump for different acid, alkali and salt resolution, resin, glycerin, olefin, polymers and various cosmetics emulsion.
4) Paint CZPT: Transfer Pump for different printing ink, paint, oil paint, dope and so forth.

5)Foodstuff CZPT: Transfer pump for different higher-viscosity medium like liquor, beverage, honey, sugar juice, tooth paste, milk, soy sauce, animal oil, vegetable and chocolate and many others.

6. Conserving & Transferring business: Loading and unloading oil products for oil station, ship and tanker.

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Stainless Steel Bornemann Bitumen Transfer Twin Screw Pump