Suncenter Brand Model: 28: 1 Pressure Ratio Air Driven Hydraulic Pump for Pressure Testing

Suncenter Brand Model: 28: 1 Pressure Ratio Air Driven Hydraulic Pump for Pressure Testing

CZPT model Model:  28:1 pressure ratio air pushed hydraulic pump for force tests
We offer you the most total variety of Air pushed liquid pump designs in the industry calculated for:

  1. Ability of supreme force, circulation or output horsepower.
  2. Compatibility with a wide range of liquids, this kind of as oil, drinking water and chemical apps.

CZPT pumps are air driven at a generate air stress of 1bar to 8bar (fourteen.five psi to116 psi) by the normal CZPT. Generally the principle of procedure is comparable to a reciprocating amplifier exactly where control of the piston at the end placement is controlled by a pilot operated four/2 way valve.

CZPT pumps attribute a huge air piston joint to a smaller sized diameter plunger. The force ratio is the distinction of these two regions and is the technique of figuring out maximum outlet force. Larger pressures obtained by making use of increased pressure ratios.CZPT design quantities reflect the pumps nominal stress ratios, although the technological info suggests exact ratios. The outlet strain is simply to established by means of a simple air regulator. By multiplying the strain ratio by the available shop air strain, the nominal liquid force can be calculated.

CZPT pumps are self priming. In standard it is not required to use an air line lubricator.
The liquid to be pumped flows into the suction chamber by the up-stroke of the drive piston. By this suction effect, the inlet examine valve is opened and the outlet verify valve is closed. The down-stroke generates the force at the liquid aspect. The inlet examine valve is shut and the outlet verify valve is opened by the created strain. CZPT liquid pumps cycle immediately, in which the force is built up the figures of cycles sluggish down, the pump stops automatically when the output strain forces are equivalent. The pump restarts with a slight fall in the outlet strain or an increase in the air drive pressure. Pump functionality can be impacted by a quantity of circumstances, this kind of as freezing of muffler or pilot valves (which is caused by humidity in air strains), inadequate inlet air line sizes and soiled filers. Don’t decrease the indicated port dimensions and seek the advice of CZPT for actual flow conditions not proven in charts.

Applications contain:

  1.  Pressure testing
  2.  Burst(Hydrostatic) testing
  3.  Work keeping/electrical power clamping
  4.  Jacking/lifting
  5.  Valve actuator control
  6.  CZPT cylinder actuation
  7.  Press basic safety overload products
  8.  Roller tensioning
  9.  Metering
  10.  CZPT lubrication and spraying
  11.  Liquefied gas transfer

Important attributes contain:

  1. Compressed Air driven – no electricity required (hook up to normal CZPT)
  2. In purchase to increase the lifetime of the pump, the driving air force need to

not be greater than eight bar

  1. No airline lubricator essential
  2. Pressures to 640Mpa (6400 bar) 
  3. Wide selection of types with diverse ratios
  4. Developed-in-cooling on most models
  5. Effortless to put in, work and keep
  6. Greatest price / efficiency ratio
  7. No warmth, flame or spark risk and explosion proof
  8. CZPT force keeping, what ever the lead to of the pressure drop, the CZPT   pump will routinely commence, preserve the loop force continuous

DGG Series Liquid Pumps(Solitary acting, solitary air generate head)

  1. DGG pumps have aluminum bodies and wetted supplies of stainless metal or carbon steel ,which

  depends on diverse service liquid. CZPT of stainless steel, make them an exceptional selection
of water application. Substantial high quality seals, prolonged services existence accessible.

CZPT specification

Model Pressure  Improve Ratio CZPTn air strain PL System to determine outlet stress MAX Outlet
Liquid inlet Relationship Liquid outlet Connection MAX Circulation (L/min)
DGG6 six:1 two-8 bar 6XPL forty eight NPT1/2 NPT1/two 29.ninety one
DGG10 ten:one 2-8 bar 10XPL eighty NPT1/two NPT1/2 eighteen.84
DGG16 sixteen:1 two-eight bar 16XPL 128 NPT1/two NPT1/two twelve.42
DGG28 28:1 two-eight bar 28XPL 224 NPT1/two NPT1/2 7.11
DGG40 40:one 2-8 bar 40XPL 320 NPT1/two NPT1/two 4.89
DGG64 sixty four:one 2-eight bar 64XPL 512 NPT1/two NPT3/8 three.08
DGG80 80:one 2-8 bar 80XPL 640 NPT1/two NPT3/8 2.forty four
DGG100 a hundred:1 two-8 bar 100XPL 800 NPT1/two NPT3/8 one.ninety two
DGG130 one hundred thirty:1 2-eight bar 130XPL 1040 NPT1/2 M14X1.5 one.47
DGG175 a hundred seventy five:1 two-8 bar 175XPL 1400 NPT3/eight M14X1.five 1.fourteen
DGG255 255:1 2-eight bar 255XPL 2040 NPT1/four M14X1.five .75
DGG400 400:1 2-8 bar 400XPL 3200 NPT1/4 M14X1.five .forty eight
DGG510 510:1 2-8 bar 510XPL 4080 NPT1/four M14X1.five .65
DGG800 800:one 2-8 bar 800XPL 6400 NPT1/four M14X1.5 .42

The outlet liquid stress=CZPTn air force*enhance ratio
In purchase to prolong the life span of the pump, the driving air pressure ought to not be higher than eight bar

DGGD Sequence Liquid Pumps(Double performing, single air travel head)
They are characterised by the identical features as the DGG pumps one performing, solitary air travel head kinds,
but they have less pulsations and provide approx. fifty % more movement.

CZPT specification

Model Pressure  Boost Ratio CZPTn air force PL Formula to estimate outlet strain MAX Outlet
Liquid inlet Relationship Liquid outlet Relationship MAX Flow (L/min)**
DGGD4 four:one 2-8 bar 4XPL 32 NPT1/2 NPT1/2 70.00
DGGD6 6:one 2-eight bar 6XPL forty eight NPT1/2 NPT1/two forty eight.sixty
DGGD10 10:one two-eight bar 10XPL 80 NPT1/2 NPT1/2 thirty.61
DGGD16 16:one two-eight bar 16XPL 128 NPT1/two NPT1/2 19.seventy three
DGGD28 28:1 two-8 bar 28XPL 224 NPT1/two NPT1/two eleven.thirty
DGGD40 forty:one 2-8 bar 40XPL 320 NPT1/two NPT3/eight 7.sixty nine
DGGD64 64:1 2-8 bar 64XPL 512 NPT1/two NPT3/eight 4.ninety four
DGGD80 eighty:1 two-8 bar 80XPL 640 NPT1/2 NPT3/eight 3.ninety six
DGGD100 100:1 2-eight bar 100XPL 800 NPT1/2 NPT3/eight three.13
DGGD130 130:one two-eight bar 130XPL 1040 NPT1/2 M14*1.five 2.40
DGGD175 a hundred seventy five:1 2-8 bar 175XPL 1400 NPT3/eight M14*1.5 1.81
DGGD255 255:1 two-8 bar 255XPL 2040 NPT1/4 M14*1.five one.23
DGGD400 four hundred:one 2-eight bar 400XPL 3200 NPT1/four M14*one.5 .seventy nine

The outlet liquid pressure=CZPTn air stress*enhance ratio
In purchase to extend the life time of the pump, the driving air pressure should not be greater than 8 bar

CZPT DLS Sequence CZPT (Air pushed) Liquid Booster Technique
CZPT- DLS Sequence CZPT(Air pushed) CZPT Power Packs
CZPT- CZPT energy packs(Liquid pump method) are compact and delicacy solution tailor-made to client distinct specifications with air pushed liquid pumps as properly as all equipment to be equipped and mounted on the frame or in shut cabinet.
To function this method, the strain gauges, valves and stress regulators have to be fitted on panels. The outlet force is simply to be set via a simple air regulator. The pump stops instantly when this finish force is arrived at and restarts with a slight fall in the outlet stress or an boost in the air push stress. CZPT CZPT energy packs are available with extensive variety of pressure ratios make these collection of pumps ideal for powering a variety of oil/hydraulic functions. The optimum operating strain up to 640 MPa.
As the force will be produced by signifies of a pneumatically operated pump,the electric powered link will not be required. To work this method, the air pushed liquid pump have to be equipped with the air management unit combined filter and drinking water separator, force-regulating valve, pressure manage gauge as effectively as manual minimize valve. In this procedure, the pump will be mounted to the stainless steel tank in the closed cabinet in a compact and area conserving fashion. Stress gauges, valves and force regulators will be equipped on panel.
The desired operating strain can be attained by adjusting the driving air pressure. When the driving air force and the output force achieve the stability, the pump stops filling strain and the output stress stays at the preset benefit. This hydraulic device can be utilized for all varieties of pressure testing and check tools for study and examination institutes or for other features demanding a determined strain. 

DLS-DGG collection take a look at bench CZPT specification

Model Force Ratio CZPTn air pressure PL Formula to calculate outlet strain MAX Outlet
air inlet    port
High stress Outlet port MAX Movement
DLS-DGGD4 four:1 three-eight bar 4XPL 32 G one/2 NPT/ZG 70.
DLS-DGG6 six:1 three-8 bar 6XPL 48 G 1/two NPT/ZG 29.91
DLS-DGG10 10:1 3-eight bar 10XPL eighty G 1/2 NPT/ZG 18.eighty four
DLS-DGG16 sixteen:one 3-eight bar 16XPL 128 G one/two NPT/ZG 12.forty two
DLS-DGG28 28:one 3-eight bar 28XPL 224 G one/two NPT/ZG 7.eleven
DLS-DGG40 40:one three-8 bar 40XPL 320 G 1/two NPT/ZG 4.89
DLS-DGG64 64:1 three-eight bar 64XPL 512 G one/2 NPT/ZG three.08
DLS-DGG80 80:one 3-eight bar 80XPL 640 G 1/two NPT/ZG 2.forty four
DLS-DGG100 one hundred:1 3-8 bar 100XPL 800 G one/2 NPT/ZG 1.ninety two
DLS-DGG130 one hundred thirty:one 3-eight bar 130XPL 1040 G 1/2 NPT/ZG 1.47
DLS-DGG175 175:1 three-eight bar 175XPL 1400 G 1/2 NPT/ZG one.fourteen
DLS-DGG255 255:1 3-8 bar 255XPL 2040 G one/2 NPT/ZG .seventy five
DLS-DGG400 400:1 three-eight bar 400XPL 3200 G 1/two NPT/ZG .forty eight
DLS-DGG510 510:1 three-eight bar 510XPL 4080 G 1/two NPT/ZG .65
DLS-DGG800 800:1 three-eight bar 800XPL 6400 G 1/2 NPT/ZG .forty two

DLS-M collection test bench CZPT specification

Design Force  Boost Ratio CZPTn air stress PL System to compute outlet stress MAX Outlet
air inlet    port
Substantial stress outlet port MaxFlow rate(L/min)**
DLS-DGM4 four:1 three-8 bar 4XPL 32 G one/2 NPT/ZG 15.36
DLS-DGM100 ten:one three-8 bar 10XPL 80 G 1/2 NPT/ZG 7.fifteen
DLS-DGM16 sixteen:one three-8 bar 16XPL 128 G one/2 NPT/ZG four.59
DLS-DGM30 thirty:one 3-eight bar 30XPL 240 G one/two NPT/ZG two.53
DLS-DGM44 forty four:one three-8 bar 44XPL 352 G 1/two NPT/ZG one.41
DLS-DGM64 sixty four:one 3-8 bar 64XPL 512 G one/2 NPT/ZG .95
DLS-DGM100 a hundred:one 3-eight bar 100XPL 800 G 1/2 NPT/ZG .64
DLS-DGM170 170:1 3-8 bar 170XPL 1360 G 1/two NPT/ZG .37

CZPT Co., Ltd is the member firm of CZPT Group, which is situated in HangZhou town of ZheJiang province in China. With far more than 15 many years experiences in fluid force trade and managing field, we supply different varieties of pneumatic and hydraulic booster pumps, programs and remedies to the customers all in excess of the entire world. Due to our ideal solution quality, aggressive value as well as excellent following-revenue provider, we have acquire a fantastic reputation in the field.
Our main products which includes:
High Force Booster Pumps (Air CZPTn Fuel Booster Pump, Air CZPTn Liquid Pump, Air Amplifiers)
High Stress Systems (Gasoline/Liquid Booster Stations,FM200 filling device, Tube Growing CZPT)
Substantial Stress Check CZPT(CZPT/Burst/Hydrostatic examination device,Cylinder test equipment,
Valve test bench,Impulse Tests CZPT, etc.)
Product Application
Oil CZPT, Gas CZPT, CZPT CZPT, Fireplace Preventing, Study Institutions and many others.
Our services
thirteen months’ free guarantee since the purchasing date and free of charge specialized assist for the duration of life span


Suncenter Brand Model: 28: 1 Pressure Ratio Air Driven Hydraulic Pump for Pressure Testing