Vacuum Distillation Apparatus-Oil Vacuum Distillation Tester

Vacuum Distillation Apparatus-Oil Vacuum Distillation Tester

Vacuum Distillation Equipment-Oil Vacuum Distillation Tester

TR-TC-1004A vacuum distillation apparatus 

    TR-TC-1004A vacuum distillation equipment conforms to the ASTM D1160 Common Examination Technique for Distillation of CZPTeum CZPT at Reduced Pressure. It is utilized for measuring at reduced pressures, of the range of boiling points for petroleum merchandise and biodiesel that can be partially or fully vaporized at a greatest liquid temperature of 400°C.
The apparatus is composed of distillation column, pressure detecting system, receiver cabin, vacuum pump, chilly trap, refrigeration device, push and and many others.
1. Substantial precision slim diaphragm vacuum differential pressure gauge replaces hydrargyrum differential
  pressure gauge
two. Digital Lcd shows stress consequence plainly
3. Substantial precision needle valve control force
4. Temperature display: digital exhibit temperature controller
5. PID temperature manage technology helps make the temperature more accurate, precision within ±0.1ºC
6. Force variety: 760mmHg~.1mmHg
7. Portable-variety electric furnace regulation unit, simple procedure
eight. The receiver is outfitted with movement nappe, which tends to make stream charge far more equal.
CZPT Parameters:

1. Relevant CZPTs: ASTM D1160 ISO6616
2. Heat bath temperature: area temperature~80ºC±3ºC(set at 60ºC)
three. CZPT temperature: -40ºC
4. CZPT Manner: compressor refrigeration
5. Force variety: 130Pa~6.7KPa
six. Stress balance: reduce than 1KPa, ±0.01KPa
                        1% when greater than 1KPa, 
7. Stress control: stress regulating knob
8. Exhibit: Liquid crystal display controller
nine. Power: 3KW
10. Rated voltage: AC220V 50Hz


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Vacuum Distillation Apparatus-Oil Vacuum Distillation Tester