Viscose Gruel Transfer Lobe Pump

Viscose Gruel Transfer Lobe Pump

                         UTP rotary lobe pump

UTP rotary lobe pump is the introduction of our organization, digestion of overseas sophisticated engineering
design and style and manufacture of double-rotor positive displacement pump. Right after several years of cautious study, the item technological innovation, production and efficiency have achieved the international advanced amount. In buy to meet the market demand from customers, we through years of specialized advancement and advancement, introduced the chemical sort, meals variety, general type and other sorts of pump. In get to meet up with the demands of diverse materials and creation approach, the core elements and sealing device of the solution adopt distinct materials and diverse sealing types according to various qualities of the medium, which increases the expert conveying overall performance and application assortment of the item.

Working basic principle
The rotor pump in the driving shaft driven by two synchronous reverse rotation of the rotor (the
quantity of cotyledons for 2~eight leaves) in the approach of rotation at the inlet volume gets more substantial to make suction (vacuum),
suction components, in the pump outlet volume becomes scaled-down, the materials out from out strain out, to accomplish the conveying of
materials. The mechanical strength enter by the major shaft of the pump is converted into the pressure vitality of the conveyed fluid
via the pump. The flow fee of the pump depends on the volume worth of the functioning chamber and its velocity, and (theoretically)
has practically nothing to do with the discharge pressure.

Rotor pump working basic principle diagram
in the method of rotation at the inlet volume turns into bigger to make suction (vacuum),
suction supplies, in the pump outlet quantity turns into scaled-down, the content out from out pressure out, to obtain the conveying of components.

Rotor introduction
(1) Two-lobe rotor: Suitable for components with viscosity in excess of 8000cp, bad fluidity, and modest and medium-sized particles.
(two) 3-bladed rotor: CZPT harmony and peaceful
overall performance is superb, equipped with this type of rotor pump in the function of
a variety of functionality harmony, suitable for conveying a wide assortment of components. This type of rotor is by far the most widely used.
(three) Leafy rotor: This variety of rotor is usually used for reduced velocity, tiny flow high need of pressure with stream and output steadiness.

Seal Introduction
Seal kind: CZPT seal 
Seal configuration: Standard mechanical seal H2o cooling mechanical seal Oillubrication mechanical seal double mechanical seal.
Material: challenging alloy, silicon carbide, graphite, and many others.
Seal O ring materials: Nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber, fluorine rubber, fluorine rubber, and so on.
Observe: unique problems can be equipped with packing seal.

efficiency parameter desk

kind capacity (L/r) speed (r/min) movement (m³/H) electricity (kw) force (Mpa) suction pressre (Mpa) viscosity (cp) inlet & outlet DN (mm)
UTP twelve-.five-fifteen .04 ten-550 .02-.five .12-one.1 .1-1.two .08 one-a million ten
UTP12-two-twenty five .15 ten-550 1-two .25-two.2 .1-1.2 .08 1-1000000 25
UTP12-5-40 .32 ten-450 two-five .37-three .1-1.2 .08 one-one million forty
UTP12-10-fifty .sixty five ten-450 five-ten 1.5-seven.five .1-one.two .08 1-one million 50
UTP12-15-sixty five ten-450 ten-15 2.2-eleven .1-one.2 .08 1-a million 65
UTP12-twenty-65 1.74 ten-450 fifteen-twenty 2.2-15 .one-1.two .08 1-a million 65
UTP12-30-eighty 2.6 10-450 twenty-30 3-22 .one-1.2 .08 1-1000000 80
UTP12-40-one hundred three.65 ten-450 thirty-40 four-thirty .one-1.2 .08 one-a million 100
UTP12-60-one hundred 5.two 10-450 40-60 5.five-forty five .one-one.2 .08 1-1000000 100
UTP12-eighty-125 six.eight 10-350 60-80 7.5-fifty five .1-1.two .08 one-one million one hundred twenty five
UTP12-one hundred twenty-125 nine.8 10-350 80-120 eleven-90 .1-1.2 .08 one-1000000 one hundred twenty five
UTP12-one hundred fifty-150 twelve.eight ten-350 120-a hundred and fifty 15-a hundred and sixty .1-one.two .08 one-a million one hundred fifty
UTP12-200-two hundred 20 10-three hundred a hundred and fifty-two hundred eighteen.five-185 .one-1.two .08 1-a million 200
UTP12-300-250 thirty ten-300 200-three hundred 22-220 .one-one.2 .08 one-one million 250
UTP12-400-300 40 10-300 three hundred-four hundred 30-250 .one-one.two .08 1-a million 300

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Viscose Gruel Transfer Lobe Pump