Ybz16c-180 140 Ybz0 Series Vane Steering Hydraulic Pump

Ybz16c-180 140 Ybz0 Series Vane Steering Hydraulic Pump

Item Description

The series of vane pumps have excellent movement and velocity traits. The pump has a circulation control valve. The output movement of the pump is continual or decreases with the improve of the velocity. The placing of the safety valve in the pump can avoid the hydraulic system from becoming overloaded, and the pressure can be altered on demand from customers. It is commonly used in the electrical power steering program of medium truck, heavy truck and other vehicles. It can also be used in the electrical power steering technique of other design equipment.


YBZ          16   L   -120   /140   L  
Serial code:
 0 can be omitted.   
Nominal displacement
Product design and style
sequence number  
circulation x 10  
 pressure × 10  
R is appropriate-CZPTd, and can be omitted:
 L is still left-CZPTd.  

Specialized Characteristic
01.trisomy, reduced sound
02.The pump is geared up with a stream management valve to maintain the output movement continuous. The pump is geared up with a security valve to avoid the hydraulic technique from overloading
03.Open design, the recent shaft connection method has spline, flat square, and so on. The oil port direction, specifications and shaft stop connection can also be created in accordance to user requirements


Solution number Nominal 
mL /r  
Control flow       L/min   Greatest perform
Rotation Supporting consumer Person code  
YBZ-E16F20   16   20   14   right   DCEC   4988324  
YBZ16-one hundred fifty/140   16   15   14   right   CZPT Motor Company 3406A-571  
YBZ16B-two hundred/140   16   19   14   right  Yuchai CZPTry Co., Ltd. G3316-345710  
YBZ16D-two hundred/140   16   19   14   right  Yuchai CZPTry Co., Ltd.   151-345710  
HangZhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd. 3407-00068  
YBZ16B1-a hundred seventy five/130   16   17.5   13   right   HangZhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd.   3407-00152  
YBZ16C-180/140   16   18   14   right   DCEC   4937729  
HangZhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd.   3407-00072  
YBZ16E-one hundred ninety/180L   16   19   18   left   FAWDE   345711-600-0367L  
YBZ16E3-one hundred ninety/140L   16   19   14   left   Accessories   345711C600-0367  
YBZ16E-one hundred eighty/140L   16   18   14   left   FAWDE   345711B603-JL10L  
YBZ16E1-one hundred eighty/140L   16   18   14   left   FAWDE   345711-624-YJ10L  
YBZ16E2-190/150L   16   19   15   left   FAWDE   345711-624-X571ZL  
YBZ16E3-190/130L   16   19   13   left  Accessories   345711B29D  
YBZ16E3-a hundred ninety/130LA   16   19   13   left   Accessories   1122934000005  
YBZ16F-two hundred/130L   16   20   13   left   Asiastar Bus    
YBZ16G-190/140   16   19   14   right   FOTON   11257100571  
YBZ16G1-190/140   16   19   14   right   Southern Hefty Motor vehicle Co., Ltd.   3406TL5-571  
YBZ-E16S20H3R   16   20   14   right   CZPT Motor Corporation   3406G-571-B  
YBZ-E16S20H1R   16   20   14   right   CZPT Motor Corporation   3406G-571-C  
YBZ16K-150/100   16   15   10   left   uchai CZPTry Co., Ltd.    
YBZ16K-200/140   16   20   14   left   Yuchai CZPTry Co., Ltd.  150-345711A  
YBZ16L-a hundred and twenty/140L   16   12   14   left   HangZhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd.  3407-0571  
YBZ18-160/130L   18   16   13   left   HangZhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd.    3407-00305  
YBZ18A-a hundred and sixty/150   18   16   15   right   FAWDE  345711BM01-074A  
YBZ18A-220/140   18   22   14   right   FAWDE   345711-M00-B82A  
YBZ18B-220/140L   18   22   14   left   FAWDE   345711-600-0390  
YBZ18A1-one hundred sixty/150L   18   16   15   left   FAWDE   345711-630-159A  
YBZ18A1-160/150W-L  18   16   15   left   FAWDE   345711A630-159A  
YBZ22-250/150L   22   25   15   left   FAWDE   345711-62H-0C48B  
YBZ22-250/150W-L   22   25   15   left   FAWDE   345711A62H-0C48B  

Key Source
The main customers contain DCEC, CZPT Motor Corporation, Yuchai CZPTry Co., Ltd., FOTON, FAWDE, Southern Hefty Motor vehicle Co., Ltd., HangZhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd. and equipment.

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Firm Introduction

The business integrates investigation and development and manufacturing of high-stop hydraulic solution, and is a single of the greatest and aggressive producing enterprises for high-stop hydraulic goods in China. The firm is recognized “high-tech organization”by the condition. It has an enterprise technology center accredited by the condition. The yearly generation ability reaches 3 million hydraulic elements, forty,000 sets hydraulic programs and 20,000 tons of hydraulic castings. The merchandise are extensively used in building machinery, iron and steel, metallurgy, hydraulics, environmental safety, offshore engineering, high-pace rail, wind power, new vitality, etc., and have finished a amount of national key initiatives, the items are exported to CZPTe, CZPTica, Asia and Africa. The organization continues to reinforce the innovation travel, goods and engineering proceed to increase to large-finish manufacturing.
The company consists of 4 branches: CZPT Pump Department, CZPT Valve Department, CZPT Program Department and Casting Department, there are 3 subsidiaries of R&D and production in HangZhou, HangZhou, HangZhou and ZheJiang . They generates 3 million units of hydraulic factors, forty thousand sets of hydraulic system gear, 35 thousand tons of hydraulic castings annually, including higher-force piston pump, vane pump,equipment pump, hydraulic valve, motor, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic method and castings. They primarily utilised in engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, transportation (locomotives, rail transit, ships), petroleum equipment, metallurgical metal, coal mines, maritime engineering, aerospace, h2o conservancy and electricity, equipment instrument market, chemical products and other fields. The business has presented items for national crucial assignments such as the A few Gorges Task, the South-to-North Water Transfer Venture, the localization of metallurgical slab ongoing casting and rolling production line and so on. 

Solution packaging

Our Positive aspects
The firm is a state-recognized high-tech company, with condition-recognized hydraulic sector enterprise technology center,and has proven a publish-doctoral investigation station with powerful independent technology study and item advancement capabilities. The company has 239 fantastic specialists in advancement and standard technology, method innovation analysis of merchandise , like far more than sixty senior technical titles.

The technological innovation middle has set up an open operation mode, having to pay interest to the natural mix of production, education and research, and has recognized exchanges and cooperation relations with far more than 20 universities, colleges and institutes, this sort of as Xihu (West Lake) Dis.a University, ZheJiang Aerospace University, HangZhou College of CZPT, ZheJiang CZPT of CZPT, ZheJiang CZPT of CZPT CZPTry, and so forth., and proceed to maintain management in developing of large-conclude hydraulic item and controlling of hydraulic-electro-mechanical and other technological fields.

The firm participated in formulating 21 countrywide and industrial item CZPTs, and attained 24 invention and sensible patents, and received 66 engineering development awards and fantastic new item awards.

Why Choose Us
The firm has set up a comprehensive quality administration system, with the certification of informatization and industrialization “two-oriented built-in administration technique”, and comprehensively applied refined administration to continually enhance solution top quality and financial rewards.

The business has set up a nationwide marketing and advertising and support community, focused to providing consumers with perfect solutions. We have actively promoted the internationalization approach and proven strategic partners and support organizations in CZPTe, the CZPTicas, Asia and Africa.

The company upholds the core values of “integrity, innovation, leanness, excellence” and normally takes the revitalization of China’s hydraulic business as its accountability to vigorously advertise unbiased innovation and help the growth of large-end tools producing market.

Ybz16c-180 140 Ybz0 Series Vane Steering Hydraulic Pump