Z900e-2s2.2ge 220V 2.2kw Single Phase Input Three Phase Output VFD for Water Pump Motor

Z900e-2s2.2ge 220V 2.2kw Single Phase Input Three Phase Output VFD for Water Pump Motor

Z900E-2S2.2GE 220V two.2kw One Phase Input Three Phase Output VFD For Water Pump Motor 

one.Solution Specification:

Product Z900E
tandard Function
Management mode Sensorless flux vector management(SFVC)
Voltage/Frequency(V/F) management
Maximum frequency Vector control:-320Hz
V/F control:-3200Hz
CZPT frequency one-16kHz
The CZPT frequency is automatically modified based on the load characteristics.
Enter frequency resolution Digital setting:.01Hz
Analog location:highest frequency x 0.571%
CZPTtup torque G kind:.five Hz/a hundred and fifty%(SFVC)
P kind:.5 Hz/a hundred%
Speed assortment one:100(SFVC)
Velocity balance accuracy ±0.5%(SFVC)
Torque control precision ± 5% (CLVC)
Overload capacity G sort:60s for 150% of the rated recent,3s for one hundred eighty% of the rated recent.
P sort:60s for 120% of the rated current,3s for a hundred and fifty% of the rated current.
Torque increase Fixed boost
CZPT improve .one%-thirty.%
V/F Curve Straight-line V/F curve
Multi-level V/F curve
V/F curve(1.two-energy,1.four-power,1.six-energy,1.eight-energy,sq.
V/F separation Two types:comprehensive separationhalf separation
Ramp manner Straight-line ramp
S-curve ramp
Four teams of acceleration/deceleration time with the assortment of .-6500.0s
DC braking DC braking frequency:.00 Hz to greatest frequency
Braking time:.-one hundred.0s
Braking motion recent benefit:.%-one hundred%
JOG management JOG frequency assortment:.00-50.00Hz
JOG acceleration/deceleration time:.-6500.s
Onboard a number of It implements up to 16 speeds by way of the straightforward PLC perform or mixture of X terminal states
Onboard PID It realizes process-controlled shut loop management systerm easily
Auto voltage regulation(AVR) It can maintain continual output voltage routinely when the primary voltage modifications
Overvoltage/Overcurrent stall management The existing and voltage are limited immediately for the duration of the running procedure so as to avoid regular tripping thanks to overvoltage/above current
Torque limit and control It can restrict the torque immediately and stop frquent more than present tripping for the duration of the working method
Instantaneous end isn’t going to end The load suggestions power compensates the voltage reduction so that the AC push can keep on to run for a short time
Quick existing restrict It helps to steer clear of frequent above recent faults of the AC generate
Higher performace Management of asynchronous motor is carried out throgh the substantial-functionality existing vector
Handle engineering
Timing manage Time assortment:.-6500. minutes
Communication methods RS485
Managing command channel Offered by the panel,management terminals.Serial interaction port,can be switched by several methods
Frequency resource ten sorts of frequency supply,provided by Electronic analog voltage,analog recent,Pulse,serial port.can be switched by guy ways.
Auxiliary frequency supply 10 sorts of Frequency supply,can very easily comprehend Micro ajustment,frequency Synthesizer.
Enter and output
Enter terminal six digitak input terinals,1 of which supports up to100kHz large-velocity pulse input.
two analog enter terminal,one of which only supports -10v voltage input and the other supports -10v voltage input or four-twenty mA recent enter
Output termianl 1 digital output terminal
1 relay output terminal
1 analog output termianl:that supports -20 mA current output or -10V voltage ouput
Operation on the procedure panel
LED exhibit It shows the parameters
Essential locking and cuntion variety It can lock the keys partly or entirely and determine the function range of some keys so as to avoid mis-purpose
CZPT method Motor limited-circuit detection at power-on,output period loss protection,in excess of-curent safety,more than-voltage protection,under voltage protection,overheat security and overload protection.
Installation area Indoor,stay away from immediate sunlight,dust,corrosive fuel,combustible fuel,oil smoke,vapour drip or salt
Altitude Decrease than 1000m(Reduce the grades when making use of increased then 1000m)
  Ambient temperature -10°C~40°C(Reduce the grades if the ambient temperature is in between 40°C and 50°C)
  Humidity Considerably less than ninety five%RH,without condensing
  Vibration Considerably less than five.9 m/s² (.6g)
  Storage temperature -20°C~60°C

2.Xihu (West Lake) Dis.nce:
1PHAC220V±15% 50/60Hz

Model Rated output electricity Rated Output Existing
Relevant motor
(KW) (A) (60s)(A) (KW)
Z900-2S0.4GE .four 5.four 3.75 .four
Z900-2S0.75GE .seventy five 7.two 7.five .75
Z900-2S1.5GE one.five ten ten.5 one.five
Z900-2S3.7GE 3.7 sixteen ten. three.seven
Z900-2S5.5GE five.five 21 twenty 5.5
Z900-2S7.5GE 7.5 31 30 7.five

3 PHAC 380V±15% 50/60Hz

Design Rated output electrical power Rated Output Current
Relevant motor
(KW) (A) (60s)(A) (KW)
Z900-4T0.4GE .4 3.four 1.2 .four
Z900-4T0.75GE .seventy five three.8 two.5 .seventy five
Z900-4T1.5GE 1.5 five three.seven 1.five
Z900-4T2.2GE two.2 5.8 five. 2.two
Z900-4T3.7GE/five.5PE 3.7/five.5 ten./fifteen. nine./thirteen. 3.seven/five.five
Z900-4T5.5GE five.five 15 13 five.5
Z900-4T7.5GE/11PE seven.five twenty seventeen 7.five
Z900-4T11GE/15PE 11/15 26/35 twenty five/32 eleven/15
Z900-4T15GE/eighteen.5PE fifteen/eighteen.five 35/38 32/37 15/eighteen.five
Z900-4T18.5GE/22PE eighteen.5/22 38/forty six 37/45 18..five/22
Z900-4T22GE/30PE 22/30 forty six/sixty two 45/sixty 22/30
Z900-4T30GE/37PE thirty/37 62/76 sixty/seventy five 30/37
Z900-4T37GE/45PE 37/45 76/ninety seventy five/ninety 37/forty five
Z900-4T45GE/55PE forty five/fifty five 90/a hundred and five ninety/a hundred and ten forty five/fifty five
Z9571-4T55GE fifty five a hundred and five 110 fifty five
Z900-4T75PE seventy five a hundred and forty a hundred and fifty 75
Z900-4T75GE/90E 75/90 one hundred forty/a hundred and sixty one hundred fifty/176 75/ninety
Z900-4T90GE/110PE 90/110 160/210 176/210 90/one hundred ten
Z900-4T110GE/132PE 110/132 210/240 210/253 one hundred ten/132
Z900-4T132GE/160PE 132/one hundred sixty 240/290 253/three hundred 132/one hundred sixty
Z900-4T160GE/185PE one hundred sixty/185 290/330 three hundred/340 one hundred sixty/185



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Z900e-2s2.2ge 220V 2.2kw Single Phase Input Three Phase Output VFD for Water Pump Motor